Confetti and favors

It is very traditional in Italy for the bride and groom to hand out bomboniere or favors

It is very traditional in Italy for the bride and groom to hand out bomboniere or favors, to thank their guests for attending their wedding. They are usually handed out as the guests are leaving, or the bride and groom take a basket around the room and give out the small bags of sugar coated almonds. Most bomboniere are a confection made out of tulle, organza, lace, silk, boxes, ribbon and flowers. Others choose a significant gift, beautifully wrapped together with confetti (almonds). The traditional sugar coated almonds, usually five in a small bag, are to signify good health, wealth, happiness, longevity and fertility, and have a small label with the name of the couple and date of the wedding. Beautiful italian paper boxes are also very popular and flowers made of ‘confetti’ in sugared almonds, are a more modern way of following the traditions. Flowers come in hundreds of varieties and colours. Some couples choose a gift of silver, crystal or porcelain to give to close family members as a thank you, beautifully wrapped together with the confetti. You can either have bomboniere professionally supplied, or you may choose to make your own. Either way, one of the best suppliers of italian confetti is Mucci Giovanni – supplies of confetti and dragee since 1984. They have an amazing array of colours, flavours, chocolates – and can be shipped all over Italy. Many couples choose to have a ‘desert’ table with different vases and dishes, and different flavours of confetti ….. so guests can ‘help’ themselves! We love organizing these confetti tables!

In a country which immortalizes music, where some of the greatest musicians and composers were born, no Italian wedding would be complete without the appropriate music.
Depending on where you are marrying, there are some amazing and quirky modes of transport, and we receive all sorts of requests.
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