What a wedding coordinator does

Many people underestimate the importance of having a wedding coordinator/planner – someone who is there to help with unforeseen problems, last minute changes, smoothes communications with Italian contacts and much more. A coordinator can help you with your budgeting, organise payments and deposits (which can be complicated when dealing with caterers, venue, florists). She can help design the overall theme, decor and importantly the flow of the ceremony and reception – leaving you to enjoy your day and not have to think about timing. There is so much involved in all types of ceremonies and the coordinator can ease you through difficult paperwork and documentation which can be intimidating particular in a foreign country, liaise with the church and coordinate the order of ceremony to ensure all involved know when and what they are doing. For larger events we provide minimum two co-ordinators if not more, particularly in such a city as Venice where transport is so different.

On the day – the pre-planning and booking of services is time-consuming, re-confirming and checking all the services – a co-ordinator is like a production director on a theatre show…. bringing everything together. On the day itself there can be many small things to be organised such as checking and arranging flowers have arrived and in place at the church/venue, meeting guests and giving out buttonholes/corsages, pinning a guest’s broken strap on the dress, ensuring guests/ushers, groom are in right place at right time, helping bride with last minute preparations …. hairpins, needle & cotton, arranging transport to arrive on time, ensuring music starts with entrance of the bride, answering guests questions and directing to venue, helping people with walking difficulties, and assistance with young children, co-ordinating time of arrival at venue – welcome drinks, start of reception, speeches, cake-cutting … all smooth flowing .. and of course the first dance. There are occasionally and unfortunately emergencies to deal with too such as a child falling over, or a guest feeling unwell!

After the event – while you are away enjoying your honeymoon, your co-ordinator can tie up loose ends, co-ordinate photographic requirements and extra prints, finalise accounts.

We can organize many little extras to make your wedding or event extra special. These can be 'thank you' gifts for your family and friends, or favors for your wedding table.

We have selected a few items that are very popular and we can supply these on the day of your event.

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