If you’re planning a wedding in Italy, cities don’t come any more romantic than Verona

If you’re planning a wedding in Italy, cities don’t come any more romantic than Verona, the setting of the most famous love story of all time, Romeo and Juliet. Allegedly the city with the most Roman ruins in Italy, Verona oozes culture; sauntering through the streets of this northern Italian city, the local Italians assume an innate sophistication as naturally as the designer clothes they don for their evening passeggiata. The architecture is as refined as its creators; elegantly understated, and boasting art galleries and museums galore, the city epitomises refined culture. Aside from its ill-starred lovers, the most famous attraction is the vast Roman amphitheatre. Dating from 30AD and capable of seating 30,000 spectators, in 1913 it became the world’s largest open-air opera venue. Watching a performance during the summer opera season is as much about the experience as it is about the beautiful music, and is one of many possibilities for the pre-wedding entertainment for your guests.

14th century Castle and Hotel in Verona

The perfect backdrops for your wedding photographs – a fountain, a secret well, herb mosaics, Italian Gardens, the area is the second largest in Europe and is an authentic corner of paradise.


Venue Type:Castle and Hotel


Romantic Boutique Restaurant in Verona

With one of the most romantic and suggestive views, the restaurant has a sophisticated atmosphere, specifically designed for elegant dinners and intimate events.


Venue Type:Restaurant (Boutique dining)


Gorgeous Villa Relais in Verona

One of the few villas licensed for a civil ceremony, has a terrace facing the breathtaking skylight of Verona.


Venue Type:Villa Relais


Renaissance Villa in the heart of Verona

The Villa is perfectly suited to accommodate different types of events: weddings and ceremonies, private events and luncheon.


Venue Type:Villa


5* Villa near south of Lake Garda

A truly romantic Villa that will etch your special memories in time in a location elegantly brimful of history.


Venue Type:Historic Villa 5 star Luxury


Italy’s largest lake, blessed with a benign climate and diversity of landscape
To most of us, Tuscany is the romantic epitomy of Italy
Magically suspended between cornflower blue sky and incandescent sea, the beauty of the Amalfi Coast is almost incomprehensibly beautiful