Sorrento and the Gulf of Naples

Sorrento is perched on rising cliffs in the Gulf of Naples and boasts some of the best views of Mount Vesuvius and Naples.

Sorrento is perched on rising cliffs in the Gulf of Naples and boasts some of the best views of Mount Vesuvius and Naples and is the perfect location for your wedding. It is an extremely popular resort for tourists from all over the world, but particularly for the British and is a very popular place to get married. Romantic views, narrow streets and alleyways with delightful shops, excellent typical restaurants and outdoor bars – Sorrento has all this and much more to offer. Perfectly situated for sightseeing, there are so many places to visit – No. 1 on the list of course is the romantic island of Capri which can easily be reached by hydrofoil from Sorrento, then of course the excavations and ruins of Pompeii and Herculaneum.

Wedding in Sorrento

Sorrento has 3 locations where legal civil ceremonies take place: the most popular being the Cloisters where an outdoor ceremony is conducted, then Villa Fondi which has an amazing view and is also outside, and then the historically interesting Museo Coreale which has lovely gardens and a visit to the museum is also included for wedding parties.

We are so excited to give you the choice of some of the best venues for your wedding reception in Sorrento. Don’t hesitate to ask us for advice, as we can recommend the best venue, whatever your budget or dream. We have had the pleasure of organizing some amazing wedding receptions, from five star hotels overlooking the bay, to a restaurant set in a lemon grove, or a private villa with beautiful gardens to a cliff top hotel with infinity pool and best view of Capri!

4* Boutique Hotel in Sorrento

All Hotel's rooms have sea view, with balconies or windows overlooking the best view of the entire peninsular... looking at Capri to Ischia, Procida and Vesuvius.


Venue Type:4* Boutique Hotel


4* Panoramic Hotel in Sorrento

Located a top of a seaside cliff, it is possible to admire the stunning view of the sea, the mount Vesuvius and the gulf of Sorrento.


Venue Type:4* Hotel


Traditional Restaurant in the centre of Sorrento

Fabulous for its fantastic views of the bay and Vesuvius volcano, the restaurant is the deal setting for those who want to organize wedding receptions and cocktail parties


Venue Type:Restaurant


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