Weather in Italy

Weather can play a major part in the planning of your wedding in Italy

A wedding in Italy will be beautiful, romantic, unusual and perfect. However, as with every country in the world, weather can play a major part in the planning of your wedding in Italy. August in Venice can reach 40o celsius, whilst Sardinia in the late summer should be avoided as all Italians make a bee-line for their favourite holiday island. Wherever in Italy you envisage your wedding, your local wedding planner has intimate inside knowledge of the area and can advise you on the best weeks to wed.

All event planning calls for Plan B – a vision for setup and decoration in case the weather fails. If your heart is set on an idyllic outdoor setting, make sure that you chose a venue which has an indoor area capable of catering to the same number of guests. The secret key to success with your wet weather plan is chosing a venue whose indoor space exceeds the beauty and attraction of the outdoor option. Should Plan B be called on, you want to forget about the rain and instead be enjoying yourself in gorgeous rooms whose primary purpose was to be as aesthetically pleasing as possible; in a country such as Italy where art and archtecture reign supreme, this is not difficult.

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