Jewish Ceremonies

The Jewish definition of marriage, is a man and woman making a commitment to share their meaningful life goals together

The Jewish definition of marriage, is a man and woman making a commitment to share their meaningful life goals together; with devotion, love and to look after each other. The wedding represents a new beginning, a day likened in significance to Yom Kippur.

Venice Events have a growing collaboration and friendship with an Israeli tour operator. This partnership has allowed us to learn and experience the Jewish traditions, rituals and ceremonies. We are fully committed to provide our services to ensure the religious requirements are followed, to ensure a Jewish marriage ceremony is arranged to suit the requirements of the bride and groom and their families. A Jewish wedding can be one of the most romantic events to organize – involving collaboration with the synagogues and rabbi.

For catering kosher meals can be arranged in many venues.
Our wedding planner has also been given the honour of delivering the ketubah to the rabbi on the day, and shows the responsibility we take on board as your planner.

We would be delighted to organise:

  • Shabbes dinner
  • Bedecken ceremony and Tisch
  • Chuppah ceremony

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We can assist you in organising your Jewish marriage in Italy, our experience has helped us to understand the Jewish traditions and rituals. Practicalities in Italy may be more complicated. You may need a co-ordinator to ensure the bridal procession runs smoothly, and take the stress off you both on the day.

There are many decisions to be made in planning your ceremony and traditions to follow to make your wedding your own.

The Chuppah – The canopy that the bride and groom stand under is intended to create an intimate, sanctified space symbolizing the home that the bride and groom will share together. The sides are left open to signify that all friends and family are welcome into their new life and home (you may require our assistance in setting up this canopy, and our florist can decorate with flowers).

The Ketubah – The Jewish tradition of the ketubah (the marriage contract) is over two thousand years old. Traditionally, the ketubah is signed by the bride and groom, and two witnesses, before the ceremony, but it can be made part of the ceremony.

Seven Circles – At the beginning of the ceremony, the bride and groom will circle one another seven times. This act is a symbol of the bride and groom binding themselves to one another and beginning a new family circle.

Seven Blessings – Sheva Berachot praise God, and specifically note his creation of the human being as a ‘two part’ creature- woman and man. The blessings express the hope that the new couple will rejoin together forever as though they are the original couple, Adam and Eve in the garden of Eve. They will be recited by the Rabbi and honoured friends. After the blessings are recited, the bride and groom will share a glass of wine.

Breaking of the glass – A broken glass cannot be mended. Likewise, marriage is irrevocable, it is a transforming experience that leaves individuals forever changed. While there are many interpretations of this practice, it signals an end to the ceremony with shouts of ‘Mazel Tov’ or congratulations !

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