Document requirements

Any non-Italians wishing to marry in Italy must present certain documents and comply with certain Italian legal requirements in order to obtain a marriage license.

The documents required and the procedures to follow differ from country to country. In addition, whilst the applicable law on marriages is standardised across Italy, many town halls interprete it in slightly different ways, and set different deadlines. This is where your wedding planner is essential; with her experience of helping couples from every nationality possible, she will guide and advise you on what needs to be done and when.

The following links will take you to your main embassy websites. Whilst we make every endeavour to keep you updated with current procedures, these can change so do keep an eye on your embassy’s website for any amendments to requirements:

  • Australian Citizens (please click here)
  • British Nationals (please click here)
  • Canadian Citizens (please click here)
  • French Citizens (please click here)
  • Irish Citizens (please click here)
  • Israel (please click here)
  • New Zealand (please click here)
  • Russian Citizens (please click here)
  • US citizens (please click here)
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