Civil Ceremonies

Civil ceremonies in Italy, in general, have to take place inside the town hall

Civil ceremonies in Italy, in general, have to take place inside the town hall (Comune). However as the Comune in each town is usually an historic building, architectural gem and perhaps has frescoes or important pieces of art, then it goes without saying that a civil ceremony in Italy has a lot of charm compared to a city hall or registry office.

There are now a few places in Italy where the local major has allowed part of the ceremony to be held in a villa close to the Comune. We are keeping up to date with latest news and any new locations, so please contact us if you have a particular small town or area you are interested in.

Although documentation may seem daunting, our services include closely advising and following your documentation, wherever you are from, in order that all town hall authority requirements are met.

We have over the last ten years assisted many european and non-european couples to be happily married – including also mixed nationality couples:

British, Americans, Australians, Irish, New Zealand, French, German, Danish, Belgian, Spanish, Russian, Lebanese and many more

  • Civil ceremonies are officiated by an Italian authority and legally recognised internationally.
  • The ceremony is performed by a Major or Civil registrar, and we offer our services as Official Interpreter
  • The ceremony consists of the articles of the Italian Civil Code and traditional vows, and in some cases can be personalized with a poem or reading, as long as it is authorized by the town hall
  • Ceremony lasts approximately 20 to 25 minutes
  • Two witnesses over 18 are required
  • Civil ceremony must take place in buildings approved by the Italian government

Civil partnerships are allowed in Italy.

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