Exhibition: Contemporary Venice

6.12.17 - 18.01.18

CONTEMPORARY VENICE 6.12.17 - 18.01.18


Venice Events and ITS LIQUID Group are very proud to announce the stunning and amazing success of the opening of CONTEMPORARY VENICE – ITSLIQUID International Art Show on December 06, 2017, celebrating the inauguration of the new gallery THE ROOM Contemporary Art Space.

CONTEMPORARY VENICE – ITSLIQUID International Art Show presents relevant and great artworks of painting, photography, installation, video art of selected artists, coming from all over the world, and it is daily attended by many national and international visitors, opened until January 18, 2018.

This successful collaboration with ITSLIQUID represents for Venice Events the opportunity to make available to international artists and architects the exclusive exhibition space The Room, to show their works in Venice.

The main theme of the exhibition Contemporary Venice is based on contemporaneity as a source of inspiration and a starting point for new visions of the world. The exhibition aims to analyze the contemporary human lives and behaviors, the relationship between man and urban/natural backgrounds. The meditation about the daily contacts between humankind and contemporary phenomena is always object of artistic investigation. Art starts from the material and psychological aspects of the human life in specific time and contexts.


THE ROOM Contemporary Art Space
Calle Larga San Marco, 374 – 30124 Venice, Italy
curator Luca Curci
December 06, 2017 – 18 January, 2018
From Monday to Friday 9:30 AM – 17:30 PM (free entry)
Closed on Saturday and Sunday


Lesley Bunch . UK | Sandra Burek . Norway | Susan Carnahan . USA | Desertgrinder . Switzerland | Lewinale Havette . USA | Mengqi He . UK | Tapio Hirvonen . Finland | Antonia Pia Gordon . UAE | Hazel Karr . France | Artem Koreniuk . Russia | Arnaud Lacoste . USA | Marlo – Marianne Charlotte Mylonas-Svikovsky . Switzerland | Yasmin Mazloom . USA | Yaniv Mizrahi . Israel | Michela Montrasio . Italy | Elaine Nehm . USA | Päivyt Niemeläinen . Finland | Morris On . Italy | Sandra Paris . France | Sergio Patricio . Austria | Jan-Hendrik Pelz & Johanna Mangold . Germany | Christina Pleyer . Germany | Keith Plummer . USA | Stefanus Endry Pragusta . Indonesia | Kathy Rose . USA | Andrea Rugarli . USA | Astrid Salas . UK | S. Bülent Sancar . Turkey | Dide Siemmond & Tobias Ford . UK | Darja Štefancic . Slovenia | Anca Francesca Stefanescu . Romania | Vitaly & Elena Vasilieva . France | Shanglie Zhou . BelgiumImage courtesy of Luca Curci

ITS LIQUID Group includes a section dedicated to international art events’ organization that manages exhibitions of photography, video art, installation and painting; it organizes solo and collective shows, art residencies and international contests. Its object is to use new technologies to globalize the language of art, to connect artists working in every part of the world. Since its beginning, the group has organized more than 150 events all around the world, involving more than 5.000 artists, in more than 60 international venues in Mexico, Poland, Turkey, Argentina, Canada, Italy, Australia, USA, Portugal, Colombia, Croatia, Greece, India, etc. Most of the last events have been realized in museums (CCCB – Centre de Cultura Contemporània de Barcelona in Spain, NCCA – National Center for Contemporary Arts in Moscow, etc.), galleries and private foundations.

ITS LIQUID is based on fluidity, motion, connection and accessibility. Making things easy to do.

Image courtesy of Luca Curci