​Why Visit Venice During the Venice Carnival?

​Why Visit Venice During the Venice Carnival?

In this blog, we’d like to give you a few great reasons why you should attend the 2019 Venice Carnival!

Venice is one of the most popular tourism destinations all-year-round, but it’s especially popular during the Venice Carnival. Last month, we published a Venice Carnival 2019 calendar, complete with the scheduled events throughout the 3-week festival. However, it has occurred to us that people who haven’t been to Venice during the carnival probably don’t understand why people flock from all around the globe each year to attend the Venice Carnival.

Venice is Transformed During the Carnival!

One of the biggest reasons to visit Venice during the carnival is just to see how the city transforms for the occasion. This is especially relevant if you’ve visited Venice before and are keen to have a different experience of the city. The visual transformation alone is spectacular and guaranteed to delight. And, while the carnival is great from start to finish, its opening two days have the biggest, most impressive spectacles.

On the first night, you’ll see the Grand Opening of the Venice Carnival, which involves numerous beautifully lit structures floating along the Grand Canal in the night. It’s an incredible spectacle unlike anything you’ve ever seen. The follow-up festival at 10.30am the next morning is called The Venetian Festival on the Water and you’ll see huge numbers of boats and gondolas with revellers dressed in extravagant Venetian costumes! The parade begins in the Grand Canal and moves through to the Cannaregio district.

By all means take part in the celebrations, but remember to enjoy one or two tours and activities outside of the carnival as well. Everything you do in Venice during the carnival is elevated by the incredible decorations and atmosphere — even if you’re doing the usual sightseeing activities, such as taking our Venice in a Day tour or one of our many Venice walking tours.

Transform Yourself by Buying or Renting Your Own Venetian Mask

Needless to say, the most famous element of the entire Venice Carnival is the assortment of ornate masks worn by the revellers at the festivals and the masquerade balls. Venetian masks date back to 1268 and have been a mainstay ever since. Many people who wore masks in the past did so to allow them to let loose while maintaining some degree of anonymity. In fact, in the 1700s, Venetians were permitted to wear masks for six months of the year and they took advantage of this by hiding their identities in the gambling houses and other houses of ill repute…

To wear a Venetian mask is to wear a piece of history and to connect with the city a little more. You can buy or rent venetian carnival costumes, including the mask. It’s up to you to choose which style appeals to you most of all; Venetians have been designing and wearing masks for hundreds of years, so you’ll be spoiled for choice. Whatever style of mask you choose, you can wear it to the festivals and celebrations, but the pinnacle of all carnival celebrations in a Venetian masked ball…

Enjoy the Spectacle and Glamour of a Venetian Masked Ball

If you’re taken in by the glamour of the Venetian clothing and the traditional masquerade imagery, then you will almost certainly enjoy a masquerade ball! With elegant guests, aperitifs, beautiful music, and artistic performances. Then enjoy a beautiful gala dinner prepared by the city’s best chefs. The decadence and extravagance of a Venetian masked ball is legendary and it’s the experience of a lifetime for anyone visiting the city during the Carnival.

The Mascheranda Grand Ball is as decadent as they come and its venue at the Palazzo Pisani Moretta overlooks the Grand Canal, adding to the grandeur of the occasion. Book your tickets early to avoid disappointment. Attending a masquerade ball in Venice will be, without doubt, one of the most exciting evenings of your life — and you’ll get to wear the fanciest Venetian garbs available from several rental services easily found around the city.

Venice has a great atmosphere at any time of year, but it’s especially exciting during the Carnival. There are more people, there are street performers, parades, and special events happening everywhere. All of this makes it impossible to be bored in Venice at this time of year. If you prefer a peaceful city break, then perhaps visit Venice at some other time of year. Otherwise, made sure you visit Venice between the 16th of February and the 5th of March 2019. If you have any questions about our tours, please get in touch. Start organising your perfect Venice Carnival trip today, with Venice Events!