Why Italy is the Perfect Location for Kids

Why Italy is the Perfect Location for Kids

This article looks at reasons why Italy is a particularly good location for kids and we’ll offer tips and advice for any parents thinking about making Italy the location for their next big family holiday.

The stakes are high with family holidays. Choose the right location and you can make everyone happy; choose the wrong location and your trip might go horribly wrong. This article looks at reasons why Italy is a particularly good location for kids and we’ll offer tips and advice for any parents thinking about making Italy the location for their next big family holiday.

Italian Restaurants Take ‘Family Friendly’ to the Next Level

Italy is the perfect destination for a family holiday

No matter where you go in Italy, you’re sure to find great food. And you’ll discover that most restaurants — especially family-owned restaurants — are incredibly warm and friendly towards families with children. You can expect the waiting staff to chat to your children, make a fuss, and even entertain them!

Depending on the restaurant, there may be a children’s menu — the Italians call this a menù bambini, which we think sounds much nicer! Children’s menus usually contain simple pasta dishes, and pizza. However, if there isn’t a children’s menu, or your child fancies something from the main menu, it is usually fine to request a half portion (mezzo piatto).

Note: as Italian families tend to eat later, restaurants may not be open until after 7.30pm. If your little bambinos are hungry earlier on, you can pop into a pizzeria for a quick bite!

Rome is Perfect for Children

The Colosseum in Rome

Sometimes, the historical significance of a place is a little lost on children, as they are more often impressed by the spectacle than anything else! This is why Rome is perfect for children. Its big attractions (the Colosseum, the Pantheon, St Peter’s Basilica) are all very impressive to look at — whether or not your child is interested in the stories behind them.

Rome is also perfect for children because most of the good stuff (except for the Vatican) is all relatively close together, so you can walk around the city instead of having to afford the extra logistics and budget for buses or trains. If you’re visiting Rome with your family and you’re trying to work out a few activities, you may like to browse our range of Rome tours.

Venice is a Great City for Children

Venice is a great city for all the family

All parents weigh up how safe different locations are for their children, and some parents may be wary of taking their children to a city with as many canals and waterways as Venice. But all of the bridges have railings and the walkways aren’t usually directly beside the waterways, so it’s all perfectly safe.

Venice is a great location for children because you can do and see so much outside. For instance, St. Mark’s Square is a huge attraction for tourists, and families can appreciate it without having to go inside! The Doge’s Palace is also an amazing spectacle from the outside (but we think it’s even better inside, on our Doge’s Palace tour).

It’s a good idea to show your children around the city and ask them where they’d like to visit. Gondola rides throughout Venice are also a guaranteed hit with children (and adults). If you’re planning a trip to Venice with your children, you may like to browse our entire range of Venice tours.

Italian Beaches

Beach in Positano, on the Amalfi Coast

Children love going to the beach, and it’s difficult to find a country with more incredible family-friendly beaches than Italy. There are stunning beaches all along the Italian coastline, but they really come into their own as you venture south, to Puglia, Sicily, Sardina, and the Amalfi Coast. If you’re spending a big portion of your next Italian holiday in one of its incredible cities, it may break up all of the history and culture for your children if you spend a few days at the beach as well!

We hope this article has convinced a few readers that Italy is the perfect holiday location for children. Please get in touch if you have any questions about our Rome or Venice tours. Help us help you plan your next big family holiday!