Why hire a wedding planner

Why hire a wedding planner

There are real benefits to hiring a wedding planner, particularly if you plan on getting married in another country. Here are our top ten reasons on why enlisting the services of a wedding planner is a good idea.

1. They will take care of the legal aspects, so you don’t have to.

If you plan to get married in another country, there can be legal aspects to take care of and a wedding planner will be able to offer advice and ensure everything runs to plan. For instance, in Italy each town hall has their own rulings and there are some paperwork requirements that you need to be aware of to ensure your marriage is legally binding. To make things easier, a good wedding planner will help you with the finer details here.

2. You’ll benefit from their knowledge and experience. They are experts.

A wedding planner will have handled hundreds of events. Each one as individual and important as the next. Along the way they will have amassed a lot of experience on all aspects of weddings. So, in other words they will be a font of knowledge and you can use that as a great resource to help you create the wedding that’s right for you. That’s particularly useful if you plan to get married abroad, where you may not know the location well. For instance, here at Venice Events, we can advise on everything from the ceremony, venue, interpreters, photographers, music, hair and make up, catering, entertainment, flowers, transport, stationery, confetti and favours…and everything in between.

3. They’ll liaise with suppliers.

A good wedding planner will be independent. They will work separately from suppliers, but they will offer suppliers repeat business, so those businesses will be keen to do their very best for you, and the wedding planner. It’s another win for you. They will also save you time in dealing with those suppliers and will make sue that you pay the right price.


Hiring a wedding planner will help you get the best deal and the best day.

4. They’ll help you manage the budget.

Speaking of prices, a wedding planner will also help you keep to your budget. It’s part of the service. They will also make sure you don’t pay over the odds for any service or supplier you engage.

5. They will keep everything on track.

The wedding will be run like a project. The wedding planner will make sure that all the preparation happens at the right time, and nothing is forgotten or left to the last moment. You can relax.

6. They will take on the stress.

Like we said, you can relax. Well, kind of. There will undoubtedly be wedding butterflies, but you can focus your nervous energy on that instead of the details of ensuring that the flowers or the dresses arrive on time.

A wedding planner will let you focus on enjoying the process of getting married.

7. You will still have the fun of choosing and making decisions. And they’ll handle the not so fun but essential stuff too.

A good wedding planner will make sure that you are in charge of the decisions that personalise your wedding. They will get to know you and understand what’s important. In other words, you’ll have the fun of choosing but they’ll carry out the work that goes with those decisions to make sure your choices are honoured. They’ll also organise the not so fun stuff, like minibuses, transportation and legalities.

8. They have time when you don’t have.

Planning a wedding is a major undertaking. Working with a wedding planner means that when you are at work, or living your day-to-day life, they are making the detail of your wedding happen. That can take a lot of pressure off when you already have a normal, busy lifestyle.

Planning a wedding in Italy?

If you plan to get married in Italy, then please do get in touch with the team at Venice Events. We have extensive experience of organising weddings across Italy. In the words of one of our recent couples, we will come through for you:

“We got engaged in Venice last September and after months of careful research we eventually decided to also arrange our wedding in Venice via Venice Events. As a company we found that they exceeded our expectations on every level. Lindsey, our wedding coordinator was friendly, extremely well organised and she paid careful attention to the small details that made the day absolutely perfect. More than that her advice and local knowledge were invaluable. It can be hard to find an organisation you can trust, particularly when trying to arrange something as important as your wedding when it is in another country and most communication is by email or Skype. Venice Events came through for us on every occasion and we would not hesitate to use them for tours or other events in the future.”

You can find out more about our services on our website, as well as full reviews and testimonials from our previous clients.