What a Typical Italian Wedding Looks Like

What a Typical Italian Wedding Looks Like

Ever wondered what a typical Italian wedding looks like? Here Venice Events tells you all you need to know about what to expect in one of the world's most popular wedding destinations!

Ever wondered what a typical Italian wedding looks like? Weddings are different all around the world, with each culture choosing different symbols, colours, ceremonies, and food to celebrate the big day. Perhaps you’ll see an Italian wedding the next time you visit Italy, or perhaps you’ll attend one! Either way, we’d like to give you an idea of what you can expect. Here at Venice Events, we have extensive experience in organizing and planning weddings, honeymoons and romantic breaks!

Italian Hen and Stag Parties

Although this tradition started out in America and the UK in the 1970s, Italians love an excuse to get together with their friends and family, so it was adopted in Italy soon after. Italian hen and stag parties aren’t quite as crazy however; instead, they prefer to go out for a nice meal with family and friends a week or two before the wedding.

Italian Wedding Dress Code

As with many European wedding dress codes, it’s a big no-no for anyone other than the bride to wear white. While this tradition is gradually dying out in some parts of the world, Italy holds on tight to its traditions. In recent years, black dresses are becoming more and more popular at Italian weddings. Black dresses are seen as an elegant and sophisticated choice for a wedding guest, and they do not have the same funerial association they have in America or the UK. If you’re attending a wedding in Italy in the near future, you might like to take a look at one of our Venice tours, Florence tours, or Rome tours. Come for the wedding and stay for Italy’s rich history and beautiful architecture!

Italian Wedding Ceremony Traditions

In most of Italy, as in much of European tradition, the groom can’t see the bride before the ceremony. However, in some parts of Italy, tradition calls for the bride and groom to walk together to the church. As Catholicism is by far the most popular religion in the country, you can expect most Italian weddings to take place in a Catholic church and for a priest to perform the ceremony. As the Catholic Church was founded in Rome, Italy has some of the oldest, grandest churches and cathedrals in the world.

When the ceremony is over and the newlyweds are leaving the church, it’s traditional for guests to throw rice into the air as they pass. This symbolizes fertility and it’s a way of wishing the couple good luck as they start a family together.

Italian Wedding Receptions

Similar to other European countries, you can expect lots of food, wine, and cake at Italian wedding receptions. However, there are a few uniquely Italian idiosyncrasies... In Italian wedding receptions, it’s common for the guests to clink their glasses and hit their spoons off the table to encourage the newlyweds to kiss — this often happens several times throughout the night!

In parts of Northern Italy, it’s a common tradition for the best man to cut up the groom’s tie into tiny pieces, and for these pieces to be sold to the guests!

It’s also common tradition for some of guests to sneak away from the reception for a while to play pranks on the newlyweds’ house. They hide their things, mess the place up a little, and they sometimes place a fish in the couple’ bathtub! But all of this is done in good fun and the mischief is just part of Italy’s rich wedding-day traditions.

After the reception, the married couple hand out small gifts called bomboniere to their guests. Bomboniere usually contain confetti, sugared almonds, and beautifully printed ribbons. These are given to guests as a thankyou for attending the wedding and as a symbol of family life.

We hope readers have found this article interesting and informative. Italian weddings are a particularly special occasion and we think everyone should attend at least one! Italy is one of the most beautiful countries in the world, making it a wonderful backdrop to any wedding - why not check out some of the most popular Italian wedding destinations! Please get in touch if you have any questions about our various Italian tours. Help us help you plan your perfect Italian holiday, or your perfect Italian wedding!