What to Expect When Visiting the Stalls of the Erberia in Venice

What to Expect When Visiting the Stalls of the Erberia in Venice

On your next Italy trip, when exploring Venice, make sure you head to the Rialto Market. There’s an endless procession of stalls stretching along the Grand Canal with vendors selling everything from fruit and vegetables, to fish and spices.

If you’re planning on heading to the market, aim for a Tuesday or Saturday, as those are the days when the produce is the freshest. In this Venice Events blog we’ll focus on the Erberia (greengrocer) stands and we’ll look at 5 things you can expect from a shopping excursion to the Rialto market.

1. An Early Start

It’s best to arrive early if you want to find the best fruit and vegetables. The vendors are bargaining with customers by 8am, so get a head start and beat the crowds by getting there bright and early. By noon, most of the produce is already long gone. Don’t lose out! It’s worth an early start to find the best ingredients possible.

2. You’ll be Spoiled for Choice

Bright red tomatoes, vibrant orange carrots, and dark green leafy kale – there’s plenty of mouth watering vegetables for sale at the Erberia stalls. The rainbow effect from the eclectic collection of fruit and vegetables on offer means that a day trip to the Rialto Market is a wonderful aesthetic experience too. Stacks of peaches and teetering crates full of apples – you certainly won’t go home empty handed!

A fruit and vegetable stall showcasing the mouthwatering products on offer.

3. It’ll Be Busy

Dating back to the 11th century this is one of the oldest markets in Venice, and it’s extremely popular to this day. Expect to be rubbing shoulders with locals and tourists alike as everyone jostles to find the best fruit and vegetables.

The hustle and bustle of the Rialto Market

4. Fresh Produce

Venetians shop for fresh food daily so the Erberia stalls are always well stocked with fresh produce. Many of the fruit and vegetables on offer have travelled a short distance, from the nearby island of Sant’Erasmo. All produce is clearly labelled so you know its exact origins. If it hasn’t come from Sant’Erasmo it’s highly likely that it has come from somewhere else in Italy. Chefs and housewives alike source their ingredients from these stalls so you’re in good company!

5. The Fish, The Oranges, and The Spices

The stalls of Erberia are only part of the Rialto market. The market encompasses a number of city squares, each one named for the produce on sale. There’s the Erberia (fruit and vegetables), the Naranzeria (oranges), the Speziali (spices), and the Pescaria (fish). The Rialto Market truly is a one stop shopping experience and you can source everything you need to create a wonderful authentic Italian meal with ingredients that hail exclusively from Italy.

You'll find plenty of choice here at the Pescaria - the fish market!

Food is such an integral part of Italian life, and home cooked food is especially important. In order to make the very best meals, Italians rely on a diverse selection of fresh fruit and vegetables. Venetians have some of the best produce on offer at the Rialto Market. So, on your next Italian vacation, stock up on delicious fruit and vegetables at the Rialto Market and create some mouth watering authentic cuisine with locally sourced ingredients.

If you have a passion for food and drink, Venice Events offer a wide range of specially chosen food and wine tours. Or if getting out and about is your inspiration to sample the Rialto Market, one of our walking tours may be right up your street; perhaps the Venice in a day combination tour!

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