What to do in Venice if You’re Travelling Alone

What to do in Venice if You’re Travelling Alone

This travel guide will hopefully offer a few good suggestions and convince one or two readers to consider a solo trip to Venice in the future.

Venice has a reputation for being one of the most romantic cities in Europe. This reputation means that solo travellers tend to overlook it. However, despite intimate couples’ gondola rides and the city’s clear propensity for romance, there are so many things to do in Venice if you’re travelling alone. This travel guide will hopefully offer a few good suggestions and convince one or two readers to consider asolo trip to Venice in the future.

The Locals Make Traveling Alone Easy!

Travelling alone can be the easiest way to see a new place as you have absolute freedom to go where you want. However, if the locals aren’t very friendly or standoffish, you may start to feel a little lonely. You will not have this problem in Venice, however, as the locals are incredibly friendly! Expect to talk to shopkeepers and for people to offer directions if you look a little lost. It’s very common for touristic cities like Venice to lose their friendly edge, but this just hasn’t happened in Venice.

There is so Much to do and See!

The only time when travelling alone isn’t fun is when there’s nothing to do: boredom can set in and, if you’re alone, there’s no one there to entertain you. However, Venice is absolutely packed with exciting activities guaranteed to entertain even the most active tourists for at least a week — perhaps two. For the rest of this guide we will be suggesting some of these specific tours — focusing on tours that aren’t romantic and are ideal for people travelling alone.

See Venice in a Day

Many solo travellers to Venice are on a Euro-trip, riding the train from country to country, seeing as much as they can. This kind of journey usually means that the traveller doesn’t have a lot of time in each city. If you’re only coming to Venice for one or two days, our Venice-in-a-day Tour is perfect for you. This tour is designed to give you the quintessential Venice experience in as short a time as possible. This tour is a combination of Venice Events’ four most popular tours: Saint Mark’s Square (including a tour of St Mark’s Basilica, the Doge’s Palace, a classic gondola ride (as a group), and a Grand Canal boat tour. This is, by far, the biggest, best tour available and we highly recommend it if you can only spend a short time in Venice.

Walking Tour of Venice

Despite all of the city’s canals and waterways, many people consider a walking tour to be the best way to get to know Venice. Our Walking City Tour of Venice is an opportunity to explore the city with a group of people, learning about the city’s history and culture with the help and knowledge of our trained guide. Your local guide will take you and the rest of the group through the streets, alleyways, and campi (picturesque squares) that make up Venice, giving you the stories you’d never hear or find on your own. Starting in St Mark’s Square, you’ll learn about St. Mark’s Basilica and the Doge’s Palace, then you’ll move to the beautiful Castello area of the city. You will also discover the Santa Maria Formosa Square, the house where Marco Polo lived, and the historic Malibran Theatre. This is a great way to explore the city and the friendly atmosphere on this tour makes it the perfect way to make friends with other visitors to the city!

Visit the Three Islands of the Lagoon

It’s Venice’s gorgeous waterways that make it stand out from other cities in Europe. A group gondola ride is much less romantic than a couple’s gondola ride and it might be a wonderful way for you to explore Venice on the water. However, many people travelling alone would rather avoid gondolas altogether and the romantic association that comes with them.

This is where our Three Islands of the Venetian Lagoon Tour comes in. This tour takes you by boat (not gondola) to the three biggest, most important islands in the Venetian Lagoon: Murano, Burano (pictured above), and Torcello. Murano is famous for its incredible artisanal glasswork and you can visit its various glass shops and boutiques. Burano is a beautiful island, famous for its brightly coloured buildings (inspired by the brightly coloured ships on the lagoon). Torcello is sometimes referred to as the ‘Mother of Venice’ and you’ll be able to visit its stunning cathedral, which is one of the oldest in the entire lagoon.

That’s all we have for on this guide. We hope we’ve given a few readers the final push to visit Venice in the near future. Venice is an incredible city with plenty to offer solo travellers. If you have any questions about Venice — about our Venice walking tours, or boat tours —please feel free to get in touch. Plan your next big Venice adventure today!