Weddings in Italy Vol 1: Locations and Services by Venice Events

Weddings in Italy Vol 1: Locations and Services by Venice Events

Volume 1 of our Italian wedding services offered here at Venice Events. Discover the best wedding locations here in Italy, from Venice to Lake Garda, and the services we offer to help you make your Italian Wedding that extra bit special.

Wedding season is upon us, and it’s an incredibly exciting time for couples eagerly awaiting to celebrate their big day - not to mention for friends, family and guests too! Venice Events have had the pleasure of planning and hosting countless weddings here in Italy and in the spirit of this wonderful time of year, we’ve prepared a two part blog focussing on Weddings in Italy.

Volume 1 will focus on the best wedding locations in Italy - from the romance of Venice to the serenity of Lake Garda - and the services you can explore to make the planning of your destination wedding a piece of cake! Volume 2 will give you plenty of helpful hints and tips for your wedding in Italy, so keep an eye out for that one too.

What does a typical Italian wedding involve?

Probably the best place to start off, especially given that weddings are different all over the world, with different cultures bringing their own unique take on the tradition. Stag and Hen parties are incredibly popular, you’ve likely even experienced one for yourself. Italians however, take a more relaxed approach to these than what you’re probably used to hearing about. A nice meal with family and friends suffices here.

A typical Italian wedding will normally take place in a Catholic church, as Catholicism is the most popular religion in Italy. Catholicism was founded in Rome, so expect to find some of the grandest churches and cathedrals in the world here.

You can also look forward to some of the quirkier traditions that Italian weddings offer, like guests clinking glasses and hitting spoons off the table to encourage the newlyweds to kiss! The married couple also hand out little present parcels to guests called bomboniere, normally containing confetti, sugared almonds, and beautifully printed ribbons.

Civil weddings will follow the Italian law, and we’ll have an expert present to translate what the celebrant is saying. Religious weddings on the other hand will follow the tradition of your religion. We can arrange and accommodate every kind of ceremony, for example, preparing a tailored menu for Jewish Weddings.

Italian wedding locations

Italy is full of stunning places to tie the knot. From the romance of Venice to the extravagance of the Amalfi Coast, there’s a destination wedding to suit any taste or budget. We’ve previously written about wedding locations and services for couples to consider when contemplating a wedding in Italy; featuring the stunning Lake Garda and the equally beautiful Lake Como. You can even enjoy a Venice wedding on the water, gazing into your husband/wife’s eyes as the gondolier expertly steers you through the world famous canals of the City - a truly romantic experience.

Italy is often the wedding destination choice for celebrities, with famous couples like George Clooney & Amal Alamuddin, Rod Stewart & Penny Lancaster and Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel choosing Venice, Liguria and Savelletri de Fasano respectively.

Wherever you decide to get married, Venice Events are here to ensure everything is taken care of, allowing you to enjoy an extremely special day. With several stunning locations available we’re sure to find the perfect setting for you.

While we offer weddings in some of the most sought after locations in Italy, we also offer wedding services to complete the preparations. From professional photographers and wedding entertainment, to flowers and wedding music, you can view a full range of the services we offer and add those finishing touches without a worry in the world.

Planning your wedding in Italy

One of our previous blogs focused on your wedding checklist 1 month before getting married, and while some of you may not be at that stage quite yet, it’s still helpful to have a look at what you can expect in the lead-up to your wedding. If you start now, you’ll have a head start on all the finer details that will no doubt crop up prior to the big day. From a final count of the number of guests and ensuring your entertainment plans are secure, to music and how you’re going to document your day - we’ve covered it all!

Here at Venice Events, we take great pride in being part of one of the most memorable days of your life. We want to do our best to ensure everything goes smoothly and your wedding is one that you and your guests will remember for years to come. We really do believe Italy is one of the most beautiful destination wedding settings, not only in Europe, but in the world. We love hearing from couples who are considering Italy as the venue for their wedding, so please do get in touch if there is anything we can help you with. Remember to keep your eye out for part 2: Hints and Tips for your Wedding in Italy!