Venice: The Pescheria Market

Venice: The Pescheria Market

With its labyrinth waterways, its historic buildings, its great food, and its great art and culture, there are plenty reasons to visit Venice. One of our favourite places to visit in Venice, is the Pescheria Market.

With its labyrinth waterways, its historic buildings, its great food, and its great art and culture, there are plenty reasons to visit Venice. We’ve always been head over heels for the city so we thought we’d put together a blog about one of our favourite places to visit in Venice, the Pescheria Market. Be sure to view our Tours of Venice where you can visit the markets during your stay!

The Rialto Market

The Pescheria Market is located in the bigger Rialto Market. This historic market started way back in 1097, and is still running today. Situated in the San Polo neighbourhood of the city, there’s something here for everyone. From antiques and souvenirs to the fish and seafood sold at the Pescheria part of the market, this is a great place to visit on an Italian vacation.

The Pescheria Market

There’s, of course, plenty to see, purchase, and sample at the Rialto Market, but in this blog we’ll focus mostly on one part of it, the Pescheria market. This Renaissance loggia, sitting right on the banks of the famous Grand Canal, has been the best place to source fresh fish and seafood in Venice for hundreds of years. When visiting the Pescheria Market it’s best to arrive early in the day when the food on offer is at its best and before the crowds descend – this is a well-loved Venetian institution!

From famous chefs, to locals, everyone in search of the best seafood in the city heads to the Pescheria Market. It’s highly likely that the fish you enjoyed at a Venetian restaurant was sourced from here. Our Venice in a Day Tour is a great way to see the best the city has to offer, especially if you’re short on time!

The Erberia Market

To get to the Pescheria Market you’ll need to elbow your way through the throngs of people congregated along the Grand Canal. When you cross over the Rialto Bridge, you’ll be immediately immersed in the hustle and bustle of the Erberia (or vegetable) Market. This is a great opportunity to grab some delicious, fresh vegetables to accompany the fish and seafood you’ll purchase at the Pescheria Market. Once you’ve found what you want and haggled on the price, continue through the busy stalls of the Erberia Market and you’ll reach the Pescheria Market.

There are plenty of reasons to visit Venice; most of them involve seeing famous sites and landmarks. But the Rialto Market, and the Pescheria Market, provides a window into the life of everyday Venetians. So, on your vacation in Italy, head to the Rialto Market in Venice, pick out some fresh produce, and cook up an authentic Italian meal that could only come from the lovely city of Venice.

The perfect end to your day at the markets is to take our Classic Gondola Boat Tour. Sit back, relax, and take the weight off your feet after a busy day of exploring the stalls!

Bought and Eaten on the Same Day

Venetians are known for their love of seafood and fish and the Pescheria Market has long been a source of fresh produce. Venetians shop for their food on the same day they’re going to eat it, so when on an Italian vacation to the city, try preparing your food the Venetian way. Head to the market early in the day, it’s open from Tuesday through Saturday, and pick out something delicious for your evening meal.

Buon appetito!

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