Tips when traveling with a wedding dress

Tips when traveling with a wedding dress

It pays to be prepared when travelling with your wedding outfits.

Wedding dresses and wedding outfits are beautiful, special and potentially one of the most important elements of your special day – apart from your future husband or wife, obviously! If you are traveling with a wedding dress, or equivalent, – it can be a worrying process because you will really want to make sure it arrives at your wedding destination in good order.

I’m Lindsey Coleman, Co-Owner and Weddings Director at Venice Events. I’ve had the pleasure of helping many couples to get married in Venice – many of whom have had to travel long distances to get to this special city. Here’s what I’ve learned along the way about traveling with a wedding dress, or any other wedding outfit:

Ten top tips when traveling with a wedding dress:

1. Try to avoid checking in your wedding dress / outfit.

If you are flying to your wedding destination, try to take your outfit with you as carry on luggage. This will avoid the unfortunate event of it getting lost in the hold.

2. Travel with priority boarding.

If you are flying, book your seats well in advance and try to get priority boarding – or similar. This means you’ll get access to the plane first and be able to find space for your very important hand luggage. If you are traveling by train, it may be a good idea to travel first class for the same reason.

3. Plan ahead and find out what size of bag you are able to carry on board and ensure your dress can fit in it.

Call your airline or transport provider and work out what size of bag and the number of bags you can carry on as hand luggage.

4. Find out if your outfit can have a seat or a safe space that’s not in the overhead luggage compartment?

It may be that the staff on board will be able to help you find a suitable space for your garment. For instance, on some flights, it has been known for the cabin crew to give some space in their own storage area over to hanging up a wedding dress. If there is more than one bride on board, then this can be more difficult to manage. If there are spare seats, they may let you put the bag on a seat.

5. Get the maker or manufacturer or other expert to pack the dress or garment into a suitable bag (that you can provide).

Getting an expert to pack your dress or outfit will reduce the number of creases etc. you will need to deal with at the end of your journey.

6. Get advice from the maker on how to care for it when you reach your destination.

They might advise the way that you’ll be able to get the creases etc. out of the garment.

7. Put it in a hard case style bag.

This avoids the risk of your dress or garment being damaged by leaking liquids or people throwing bags on top of it and crushing it. We can also recommend a great company Life Memories Box. They offer beautiful personalised Wedding Dress Travel Boxes.

8. Be prepared to manage things yourself. Don’t depend on the transport staff being able to find you a safe space.

There may be limited space on board or more than one bride on the plane, train or automobile and therefore space for special stowing of the garment may be limited. Always have a plan in place using any of the above ideas and don’t leave it to chance.

9. Don’t pack any liquids or other items if the dress is in your carry on luggage.

It sounds obvious, but sometimes people forget when they are thinking of other things, like a wedding! When traveling with a wedding dress, make sure there’s nothing in the bag that can damage it.

10. Remember to also pack your shoes, necklace, veil, headdress etc. or anything else you will be wearing with your dress in the same way.

The accessories you have spent time and money on are important to you. When I’m organising a wedding, I always think that the success lies in the detail. The same rule applies here. So remember to pay attention to your details and pack them along with your outfit so everything arrives together.

I wish you all the very best for your journey to your wedding destination and for your wedding itself. I hope my ten top tips when traveling with a wedding dress have been useful!

If you have yet to organise your wedding, and you are interested in letting Italy play host to your nuptials, then please to contact the team and I at Venice Events. We organise weddings of all shapes and sizes. Italy is brimming with wonderful wedding destinations and we’d love to share them with you.