Tintoretto Exhibition (September 7th to January 6th)

Tintoretto Exhibition (September 7th to January 6th)

From September the 7th until January the 6th, a special Tintoretto art exhibit will be on display in the Doge’s Palace.

This exhibition is in celebration of Jacopo Tintoretto’s 500th birthday and it will display many of his masterpieces all in one place for the first time in history. This is a must for anyone who loves and appreciates Venetian art and would like to experience this once-in-a-lifetime exhibition.

A Little Background on Jacopo Tintoretto

Anyone familiar with the Venetian School of art history is sure to have heard of Tintoretto. Born Jacopo Comin, he was later known as Jacopo Robusti after his father’s famous defence of the gates of Padau. As young Jacopo’s father was a cloth dyer — called a tintore in Italian — he was given the nickname Tintoretto, which means dyer’s son or little dyer. And, given Jacopo’s excellent use of colour, his connection with dyes is more than a little fitting!

Born in 1518 (exactly 500 years ago), Jacopo was the eldest son of 21 children and he showed interest in painting at a very early age. This interest was encouraged by his father, Giovanni who brought his son to the legendary Venetian painter Titian to study under him. There’s a famous myth that Titian sent Tintoretto away from his school after just ten days. Many fans of Tintoretto conjecture that this was because Titian was threatened by the young man becoming a potential rival, but it’s far more likely that Titian simply understood that Tintoretto had a unique style that was not compatible with his own.

Tintoretto’s art style was unique, and more than deserving of the praise it has received over the years. He was especially famous (and infamous) for painting incredibly quickly. Fans of his work praised his speed, and contemporary rivals derided him for it. However, it was Tintoretto’s daily dedication to his craft that helped him be so prolific as he preferred to hide away in his studio, painting all day.

Most great painters are tied to a great city and Tintoretto is no exception. While there is some evidence to suggest that his family originally hailed from Lucca in Tuscany, Tintoretto spent his entire life in Venice, seldom leaving it. And while he was rarely found outside of his workshop, when he ventured out into the city, his wife usually sent him out in the robe of a Venetian citizen and he was well liked in the city.

More Information About the Tintoretto Exhibition

Tintoretto’s status as one of Venice’s greatest artists makes this year’s Tintoretto Exhibition particularly poignant and exciting for us here at Venice Events. It will take place at the Doge’s Palace, making it the perfect activity for anyone also taking our Doge’s Palace tour or our St Mark’s Extravaganza tour.

For anyone interested in the artistic direction behind the exhibition, it is curated by Robert Echols and Frederick Ilchman, and directed by Gabriella Belli. The exhibition presents 50 autographed Tintoretto paintings and 20 drawings to the public. In the spirit of the occasion, many of these great artworks have been lent to the exhibition by various international museums and galleries around the world, such as Kunsthistorisches Museum (Vienna), Staatliche Museum (Berlin), The Louvre (Paris), and the Philadelphia Museum of Art (USA). We’re looking at this special exhibition as a homecoming of many of Tintoretto’s most beloved artworks and it’s an incredible opportunity for art lovers and purveyors of Venetian cultural heritage to see so much of this great painter’s work in one place! If museums are your thing, you may also be interested in our Museo Correr Guided Tour!

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