The Three Islands of the Lagoon

The Three Islands of the Lagoon

When you visit Venice, it can be easy to become so absorbed with the main centre of the city itself that you might not consider the other islands in the lagoon.

So if you’ve not considered a trip to Murano, Burano and Torcello, then take a look at our blog on what you will find in the Three Islands of the Lagoon. A visit to them will enhance your trip to Venice even further.

Murano – an island famous for its beautiful glass works.

Murano is a series of small islands linked by bridges, to be exact. It is most famous for its glass blowing traditions that date back to the 13th Century. The glass furnaces were in Venice at one stage but were moved out to Murano as a fire prevention measure. Murano became known for this ancient skill throughout the world and was the centre of glass making in Europe. You can still see people working using the same skills inside the Glass Museum on the island.

Modern day #Murano #Glass – at one point it was a luxurious and valuable commodity, owned only by the wealthy.

Burano – an island of fishermen, colourful houses and beautiful lace making.

Burano is also a series of islands that lie under 10km from Venice. It is famous for lace making. Much like Murano and her glass blowing, these skills date back centuries. There are still people making and selling lace on the island.

When you visit Burano, you will also see its brightly coloured houses. It is such a cheerful and happy sight. Some say that the colours were a way for the island’s fishermen to locate their homes as they returned from fishing trips when fog and mist had descended onto the lagoon.

The island also has a lace museum where you can see lace designs both new and old. You may also be able to see some skilled lace makers at work.

Colourful #Burano – if a resident wishes to repaint their house, they must request permission from the authorities as there’s a strict colour code.

Torcello – an island that was once home to a city larger than Venice.

Again, just under 10km from Venice, Torcello was established around the 5th Century, and was at one time the most important island on the lagoon. Most of the inhabitants died from disease that ravaged the population, or they left for Venice; however, the island is very much worth a spot on your itinerary. Torcello’s beautiful Basilica of Santa Maria Assunta dates from 639 AD and has stunning Byzantine features – including some beautiful mosaics inside which date from the 11th Century. One is a depiction of the Last Judgment.

The museum at Torcello is housed in a mansion that was once the island’s seat of government to 20,000 plus residents. Inside you will find medieval artifacts and archaeological finds from around the lagoon. The stone in the courtyard is referred to as Attila’s Throne. Legend has it that Attila used it when he invaded the island but the history books suggest that he was never really here at all. However, the throne does date back to the 5th Century and was used by the island’s Governor.

#Torcello – much of the island is now a nature reserve. The bell tower, sitting alongside the Basilica offers wonderful views of the lagoon.

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