Stories that inspired The Merchant of Venice

Stories that inspired The Merchant of Venice

William Shakespeare’s ‘The Merchant of Venice’ was written in the late 16th Century. Originally billed as a comedy when it was first performed, it has since become better known for its dramatic themes.

It’s as fascinating today as it was in its early days. Today, it is recognised as literary art, but it’s also seen as one of his most controversial pieces. It deals with money, greed, revenge, homosexuality and being a religious outsider in a Christian republic.

What is interesting is that Shakespeare was influenced by other stories that circulated at the time. We’ve taken a look at what it’s believed they were:

Il Pecorone

This is a collection of stories written by an Italian writer – Fiorentino. It’s believed that Shakespeare read this publication, in Italian, and it was a text that influenced his Merchant of Venice. Il Pecorone means the ‘simpleton’ and the publication recounts the trials of Ansaldo – a wealthy merchant who gives his godson a ship laden with goods to trade with abroad. Attempting to win the hand of a lady, the godson twice loses all his possessions. Ansaldo repeatedly provides for him by borrowing money from a Jewish man, who refuses to be bought off when the debt is due. A court case ensues with the Godson’s new wife disguised as a lawyer. Ansaldo prevails and the bond is ripped up. Many believe that Shakespeare was telling his own version of this story when he wrote the Merchant of Venice.

William Shakespeare – author of the Merchant of Venice, which was first, published in the late 16th Century.

Gesta Romanorum

This is a medieval collection of stories that was translated around the time the Merchant of Venice was being written. It’s believed this influenced Shakespeare’s ideas on how the hand of the lady would be won because in this story, the main character has to choose between three caskets.

The Jew of Malta

This play by Christopher Marlowe dates from the late 1580s and was very successful at the time. Some do think that elements of this story stayed in Shakespeare’s mind as both Marlowe’s piece and the Merchant of Venice focus on attractive female characters and riches. However, Shakespeare’s biographers also think that the Merchant of Venice was attempts at a more sympathetic take on the story and characters, and some think Shakespeare was highlighting the need for tolerance through his play.

Shakespeare based his play in Venice because of its position as an illustrious and wealthy Republic.

The Merchant of Venice is as fascinating today as it was in the 16th Century. An interesting portrayal of controversial themes set against the backdrop of the cosmopolitan yet gritty city of Venice.

Visit the city the Merchant of Venice was set in.

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