Seeing Venice From A Gondola

Seeing Venice From A Gondola

Traveling by boat in Venice is a practical option

As you know, Venice Italy is a city built on a lagoon and it is made up of 118 separate islands. Therefore, traveling by boat or better still, by gondola, is the best way to get around but it’s also the best way to truly see and appreciate this beautiful and exquisite city during an Italian vacation.

Venice by boat – a unique perspective

Traveling by boat in Venice is a practical option, since the city is built so closely to water and there are as many canals as there are streets in Venice. It’s also the best way to experience Venice. From the water you’ll get the best possible perspective and view of the city’s main landmarks. And you’ll also really get a feel for how the city was developed.

Why see Venice from a Gondola

When it comes to seeing Venice from the water, you can travel by Vaporetto – the city’s ‘waterbus’ system. The locals use this to get around their city. And indeed it is an efficient way to travel. But the focus here is to travel from one point to another. The experience isn’t about relaxing, taking in the sights, sounds and general atmosphere.

There’s also the option of taking a traghetto – which is a boat that crosses the Grand Canal from one side to the other, instead of traveling along it. Usually these are gondolas that have been retired from their original service. Yes, it is traveling by gondola, but still the focus is on getting on one side to the other, as opposed to seeing Venice in a traditional and relaxing style.

That’s why we think that if you are planning to visit Venice, particularly if you are on your Italian holidays, you should definitely consider taking a Gondola ride in Venice at least once. It’s a slower and more relaxing pace. The routes are based on taking in the sights – and you can even work with the owner to come up with your own route – perfect for a fist time visitor to Venice on an Italian vacation.

Seeing Venice from a Gondola means that you’ll be experiencing a little bit of history also. And it’s your one chance to travel by Gondola – for instance, where else are you going to do this, but in Venice? Also, taking gondola rides in Venice is better for the city’s environment and traveling by gondola means that you will be supporting an ancient institution.

Taking a gondola ride in Venice

Are you convinced? So, if you do plan to see Venice from a Gondola, then here’s some advice on how the Gondola system works.

  • There is an official Gondolier Association which manages the prices of a Venice gondola rides:
  • You can ride with a maximum of 6 people to reduce the cost and it is quite common to shop around and check whether you’ll get a guided tour from the gondolier, or indeed whether you want to see a specific sight.

It can also be a good idea to travel with a licensed tour operator who does various tours of Venice, as there are tours available which will include a gondola ride as part of the package. Our own Venice Events ‘Overview of Venice and Gondola Ride tour’ does exactly that. You’ll get a walking tour of Venice’s main sights like Saint Mark’s square and other well-known sights as well as an enchanting gondola ride. You can find out more here: or there’s our ‘Venice in a Day’ tour which includes a gondola ride, tours of St Mark’s Basilica, Doges Palace and a tour of the Grand Canal by motor launch. You can find out more on our website

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Venice Gondola ride

View of Venice