Secrets Canals of Venice

Secrets Canals of Venice

Venice is a really special location. We’ve said it before here on this blog – it is a very unique city and there’s nowhere on earth really like it.

If you visit for the first or twenty-first time, you’ll be bowled over by its beauty, how it was formed and more. However, look a little deeper, away from the crowds and you’ll find there is even more to discover about Venice. Here we take a look at the hidden gems of the city – specifically the beautiful and secret canals of Venice, tucked away in the city’s neighborhoods that lie outside the city’s centre.


Cannaregio is a district towards the North of Venice, away from the main tourist sights. Most tourists never venture here. However if you travel away from the tourist hotspots, you’ll get the opportunity to see a bit of local life.

Look out for the three parallel canals, which are located right next to the northern shore of the city in Cannaregio. They are quite quiet and so they offer a very relaxing experience since you can enjoy the surroundings in relative peace.

Further south, things become a little busier – but that too has benefits. The canal at Fondamenta della Misericordia has some lovely places to eat and drink that are frequented by locals – which is always a good sign.

Generally, the canals in this area have a bit of an aged feel about them. However the canals, as well as the alleys and squares here give you a good taste of how local life is.

This district was also once the site of Venice’s Ghetto where the Jewish population was forced to live in segregation. The area remains an active Jewish community and you can visit today to see the monuments, memorials and synagogues.

#Venice is home to 177 Canals and over 400 bridges – there’s so much to explore.

Santa Croce

Another of Venice’s six districts. Santa Croce is located across from San Polo and together they make up a very old part of the city. Santa Croce is full of beautiful old canals leading to secluded spots and bridges, and its more secluded parts are a great place to explore if you are looking to get away from the crowds. It’s also home to some lovely architecture by way of palazzos and churches.

Seeing the secret canals of Venice are a way to truly experience the city.


Another of Venice’s districts is quite busy. However, it is a fascinating place to visit. Here you will find canals where the locals shop at the floating markets stacked with food. You can also stop at the coffee shops in the vicinity – again frequented by locals. Castello is also home to the Arsenale – Venice’s ancient shipyard and now a museum. It’s also home to a fascinating old bookshop called Libreria Acqua Alta selling books stored in old gondolas.

The canal at the Arsenale, Venice.

To truly experience Venice – see her famous sights as well as those that are less well known.

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We’d love to welcome you to Venice soon.

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