Places to Visit in Venice: Attractions and Walking Tours

Places to Visit in Venice: Attractions and Walking Tours

Looking for inspiration about where to visit in Venice? Here we tell you why Venice is considered one of the most romantic cities in the world and the places that make it so appealing to travellers...

If you are looking for inspiration on Venice places to visit then you have come to the right place. A land where whitewashed marble buildings seemingly float atop a blue lagoon, Venice is a destination that consistently tops the bucket lists of people across the globe and for good reason - the capital of the Italian Veneto region is considered as being one of the most romantic cities in the world and its unique watery setting makes it all the more endearing to the world traveller.

Of course, there are those "only in Venice" experiences that you must try while in town such as taking a Gondola ride complete with a singing boatsman who can serenade you and your travel companions while navigating through the city's ancient streams, but besides the obvious touristic Venice attractions there are simply so many things to do in Venice, you will wish that you had a month to spend here.

Take a Walking Tour

The city of Venice can seem like something of a labyrinth and while it's fun to enjoy getting lost among the narrow passageways and countless piazzas there comes a point when you realise that you are precisely that - lost! As such, one great way to see the city is by going on a walking tour. Navigating through the city with a Venetian guide means seeing Venice from a local perspective. You will uncover all of the hidden secrets that are typically tucked away from tourist’s eyes as well as appreciating the beauty, and learning the history of the iconic landmarks such as St Mark's Square. Being accompanied by a guide takes away the stress of getting lost so you can worry about more important things during your Italy sightseeing - like which gelato flavour to choose from!

Marvel at the Sights of Piazza San Marco

‌The "big three" sights as far as what to do in Venice is concerned can be summarised as the Basilica Di San Marco (St Mark's Venice), Doge's Palace, and the picturesque 14th-century clock tower Torre dell'Orologio and fortunately they are all located together in Piazza San Marco.

Witness Local Life at the Rialto Market

Rialto Market has been in operation for over 1,000 years (initially opening in 1067) and it still draws the same crowds as it did way back when. The vendors here sell only the very finest fruit and vegetable produce and exploring the fragrant stores and bearing witness to the ferocious haggling is quite a sight to behold. Food and sourcing quality produce is incredibly important in Italy (their cuisine is UNESCO protected didn't you know?) and you are able to witness that first hand here.

Visit Murano Island

There are many islands scattered around the Venetian archipelago, of which Murano Island is the closest to the centre and accessible by boat. Artisanal glass products are a popular local handicraft (and great souvenir or gift) and Murano Island is jam-packed with glass shops selling beautiful decorations in a rainbow of vivid colours. The majority of the store owners are also more than happy to show you the glass furnaces on site at the Murano glass factory and teach you about the tradition.

Let a Bird's Eye View of the City Take Your Breath Away

Ascending to a high point and observing city life from a fresh perspective is a great way to fall in love with a new destination. Venice's tallest structure - the Campanile stands at 325 feet and offers an incredible view of the old city at a height that makes the people down below look like matchsticks. On a nice day, you can even see as far as the Italian Dolomites in the distance.