Our Favourite Restaurants in Florence

Our Favourite Restaurants in Florence

For food lovers, Florence is filled with beautiful restaurants serving delicious Italian cuisine. Venice Events has chosen our top 5 for you to enjoy!

For food lovers, Italy is something of a Mecca. We all know that Italians put love and care into the food they produce, and we all can taste it too! So, when visiting Florence, a truly wonderful Renaissance city, you’ll be on the look out for exceptional food to fuel your exploration of this lauded cultural place.

As proud Italians, we’ve got some excellent suggestions for eateries, restaurants, and bars to visit on your Italy trip. So, here are Venice Events’ five top picks for the very best places to wine and dine in the beautiful Italian city of Florence. Buon appetito!

1. Ruggero

We’ll start with some truly authentic Florentine food. Ruggero, a quaint traditional Italian eatery serves up classics such as bread and tomato soup, and roast pork loin and zuccoto. This restaurant is a little bit of a trek from the city centre, but if it’s traditional hearty Italian food you’re after, then it’s worth the journey.

2. Il Santo Bevitore

Slow days, slow food. That’s the heart of the Italian experience, right? Taking time to enjoy the finer things in life is exactly what the stylish Il Santo Bevitore provides. With carefully sourced, healthy seasonal produce the backbone of its menu, this exceptional Italian restaurant provides wonderful slow-cooked gourmet food you’ll write home about. If you’re after a drink to wash it all down, head next door to Il Santo Bevitore’s wine bar off shoot, Il Santino.

Image Source: Il Santo Bevitore

3. Enoteca Pinchiorri

Enoteca Pinchiorri serves up Italian/French fusion food. Using cooking techniques imported from Nice, Annie Feold riffs on traditional Tuscan gastronomy to create foods that are new and inspiring. Enoteca Pinchiorri is also an excellent place to sample wine with its collection of 120,000 bottles. A truly delectable experience, Enoteca Pinchiorri serves up food like nowhere else!

Image Source: Enoteca Pinchiorri

4. Cibreo

Fabio Picchi, head chef and owner, uses local produce sourced from the Sant’Ambrogio farmer’s market to create traditional Tuscan foods. From roasted pigeon stuffed with fruit mustard, to calamari and spinach stews, this eatery is well loved and renowed the world over. Famed film director Woody Allen has been spotted sampling Picchi’s wares, so, when visiting Cibreo, keep your eyes peeled for some famous faces amongst the patrons.

Image Source: Cibreo

5. ‘Ino

This is more for lunch and afternoon crowds, than for evening dining. So, if you’re wandering around the quaint streets of Florence and you’re looking for some day time food, head to ‘Ino. Specialising in cordon bleu Panini, and serving up salads, cold platters, and even a couple of main meals, ‘Ino provides high quality Italian cuisine in an informal and relaxed atmosphere. You can sit in and enjoy a lovely glass of fine Italian wine too.

Image Source: Instagram @Inopanino

You can’t separate Italy from its love of food. It’s part of the country’s identity. When visiting Florence on your next Italian vacation, make sure to invest some time in good food and good wine. From delicious classical Italian cuisine at the Ruggero, to French/Italian fusion food at Enoteca Pinchiorri, remember that Italian cuisine is as much a part of the history of the country as its crumbling Roman ruins.

Sample the delicious food on offer and book a tour of Florence with Venice Events today to see the art and history of this beautiful city first hand.