New Venice Walking Tour for 2018: Hidden Staircase & Its Treasures

New Venice Walking Tour for 2018: Hidden Staircase & Its Treasures

Our new Venice walking tour for 2018 is exclusive to Venice Events and you'll gain privileged access to areas otherwise closed off to the public!

This evening Venice walking tour is one we are incredibly excited about. Our Hidden Staircase & Its Treasures is a small group tour, exclusively for Venice Events with privileged access to some of Venice’s hidden treasures that are otherwise closed to the general public. This isn’t your stereotypical tour of Venice visiting the popular, often busy, tourist attractions like the Doge’s Palace or Saint Mark’s Basilica; this tour is intimate, it’s different and it’s designed to give you a unique, unconventional experience.

We donate some of the money from each booking to the restoration of one of the city’s churches (you’ll visit this church on the tour) which was damaged by a fire in 2010 - so if ethical tourism is something you hold close to your heart, this is the perfect tour for you.

Evening Venice walking tour: an impressive and exclusive itinerary

Escape the heat of summer and visit some of the most incredible places in Venice, off the beaten track and away from the tourist masses. Here’s a quick run through of the itinerary, and as you can see, there are an impressive number of exclusives on this tour:

  • Visit the stunning spiral stair case Scala Contarini Del Bovolo (enter the building with exclusive out-of-hours access for this Venice Events tour).
  • Climb to the top for spectacular, breathtaking views out over Venice.
  • Visit the room of Tintoretto, home to a collection of magnificent paintings and sculptures.
  • Exclusive lantern-led exploration of the Ospedaletto complex, another exclusive for this Venice Events tour as the Ospedaletto is normally closed to the public.
  • Exclusive access to the Sala della Musica
  • Exclusive access to the Church of Santa Maria dei Derelitti - with money from each booking going towards the Church’s restoration.
  • A glass of prosecco at a local bar to end the tour.

The Iconic Staircase Scala Contarini Del Bovolo

The Scala Contarini Del Bovolo’s iconic staircase winds up the outside of this 15th century palazzo, built to showcase the wealth of the noble family Contarini who owned it. Our assistant will guide you through Venice’s narrow streets and maze of alleyways to this hidden gem, before a professional guide takes you inside the building, which incorporates a combination of eye-catching Gothic, Renaissance, and Byzantine styles. Gain exclusive access to the inner rooms and enjoy entertaining stories, legends and historical references as you climb the 28-metre (92 feet) high spiral column. There are no words to describe the views from the top, all we can say is that they are simply breathtaking. This is definitely a perfect photo opportunity, and you’ll be in awe as you look out over the top of this magical city, the sun low in the sky creating a beautiful twilight.

You’ll also visit the room of Tintoretto and admire a vast collection of paintings and sculptures - this tour is certainly one for those with a vested interest in art, architecture and the historical significance of the city, as well as those who love picturesque, sweeping landscape views.

The Ospedaletto Complex - with exclusive access to the Sala della Musica and the Church of Santa Maria Dei Derelitti

This part of the tour has its own unique charm, as you’ll be granted exclusive access to the Ospedaletto Complex, otherwise closed to the public, and enjoy a guided tour, the way lit by the guide’s lantern - this really does create a special, mystical atmosphere. The Sala della Musica (the music hall) was designed with excellent acoustics in mind and to host official occasions such as to provide entertainment for visits from renowned Venetian or foreign personalities. The room is characterised by an elliptic plan, built to create an optical illusion of a larger area, while optimising and benefiting from the acoustics of a small space. The music hall still hosts performances, delighting and inspiring listeners to this day!

Moving on for yet another exclusive experience, visit the Church of Santa Maria Dei Derelitti. As mentioned in the introduction, the church unfortunately fell victim to fire damage back in 2010, so we’re donating money from each booking towards the restoration efforts, giving back to the city and community that has given us so much throughout the years. Learn of the church’s history, and admire its many lavish decorations, statues, altars and frescoes - featuring works by famous artists such as Gian Battista Tiepolo and Pietro Liberi. The church was famous for its choir of orphan girls (the putte di coro) who were educated in music by distinguished teachers of the time period.

This really is a one of a kind walking tour of Venice, and due to the exclusivity for Venice Events, you’ll embark on a unique experience you won’t find anywhere else. We’re incredibly proud and excited to be able to offer this to you. We’re passionate about our city and, while the typical sights and attractions are indeed incredible, there’s a sense of mystery and wonder about this evening Venice walking tour which is a little more magical than your typical tours. You’ll also be helping us donate to help restore a historically significant piece of Venice’s rich history, and we’re sure the views, the history and the overall experience will stay with you for many years to come. The Hidden Staircase & Its Treasures is a tour you simply cannot miss!