Mountain Activities in the Dolomites

Mountain Activities in the Dolomites

This Italian Mountain range is located just south of the Alps and it is a source of beauty and adventure. Here, we take a look at some of the best mountain activities in the Dolomites to help you make the most of your trip.

Drive through the Great Dolomites Road.

This is the mountain road that crosses through the mountain range. It makes its way through Veneto, Trentino and South Tyrol. When it was created, it opened up the mountain range to visitors, and made the Dolomites a destination in its own right. No matter what stretch you drive or travel along – the beauty that surrounds you will take your breath away.

The beautiful Dolomites – located in Italy’s North East. A UNESCO World Heritage Site from 2009.

Enjoy the alpine towns and villages.

Although this isn’t perhaps an activity as such, it’s worth reminding ourselves not to forget about just enjoying the mountain towns and villages as you pass by. They are part of what makes the Dolomites special. You’ll find great food and hospitality in the region. Specifically, look out for Cortina – surrounded by the celebrated peaks – and known as the ‘pearl of the Dolomites’.

Dolomites are known for offering the perfect scenery – dramatic mountains, glacial peaks, lush forests, lakes and picturesque towns. Perfection!

See Marmolada.

There are many beautiful peaks to see in the Dolomites, each with its own character and prowess. However, Marmolada is the range’s highest peak – standing at a mighty 3343m. That’s why it is known as ‘the Queen of the Dolomites’ and rightly so.

The southern wall of Marmolada – Dolomite royalty. The whole range offers superb hiking and biking opportunities.

Get out and hike or mountain bike

The Dolomites have 90,000 acres of terrain. The sights are beautiful – full of dramatic and seemingly impossibly high peaks, green meadows, villages and lakes. Hiking or even mountain biking through it is exhilarating. There is a trail suitable for everyone.

There are nine mountain ranges and 548 square miles of uninterrupted beauty to explore.

Cable Cars.

There are some wonderful cable cars set in fabulous locations that will give you almost the same end result as hiking. Many are linked with hiking trails so you can also combine your hike with a lift, or if you don’t have time, just use the lift. Either way the views will still be spectacular. You can even take a cable car to the top of Marmolada or to the stunning Cristallo group of peaks. Also, the world’s longest aerial cable car runs from Siusi to Compaccio.

Skiing in the Dolomites

If you are visiting in winter, then skiing is the obvious mountain activity that shouldn’t be missed, and when it comes to winter sports, the Dolomites are a wonderful host. There’s a great deal of choice of resorts and terrain.

Visit the lakes

The Dolomite region also boasts some stunning lakes. They too are part of what makes the Dolomites special – towering peaks, forests, leading down to beautiful lakes. The northern half of Lake Garda is in the Dolomite region. It is breath taking. Lago di Braies is also one of the most beautiful lakes in the region, and you can easily walk around it. Or there’s the stunning green water of Lago di Carezza in the western region of the Dolomites with its beautiful nature trail surrounding it. You are spoiled for choice.

The beautiful Dolomites and the lakes. At least 18 peaks in the range are higher than 3,000 metres!

Soak up the heritage of the mountains

Scattered across the Dolomites you will find beautiful churches, intriguing museums, charming architecture including castles and Venetian villas. Also - Pieve di Cadore in the Dolomites region is the birthplace of Titian. You’ll find his influence acknowledged throughout the town.

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