How to see Venice in Two Days

How to see Venice in Two Days

This blog will go through many of our Venice tours, offering the best combination of activities to fill out your 2-day Venice trip!

There are numerous travel guides and blog posts telling readers how to see Venice and other big cities in a day. In fact, you can read our Venice-in-a-day guide if you only have one day in The Floating City. However, we’d like to take a slightly different angle and tell you how to make the most of Venice if you’re staying for two days — perhaps on a weekend city break. This blog will go through many of our Venice tours, offering the best combination of activities to fill out your 2-day Venice trip!

Take Our Venice-in-a-day Tour

Our Venice in a Day tour is an absolute must. If you take no other tour in Venice, take this one. It covers many of the most famous (and most beautiful) locations in Venice — the places you simply cannot miss when you visit. On this tour, you will visit St Mark’s Basilica and the Doge’s Palace, and you will also enjoy a private boat tour of the Grand Canal and Giudecca Canal. To top it all off, it also includes a gondola ride.

If you’d prefer to break up all of these activities across your 2-day trip, however, or only do one or two of the activities mentioned, then you might like to consider the several individual tours and activities below.

Saint Mark’s Square

If you can only spend two days in Venice, then we recommend devoting a big portion of your time to visiting St Mark’s Square. This area is the historical and cultural hub of the city and it has two of Venice’s most popular attractions: The Doge’s Palace and Saint Mark’s Basilica. If you want to see everything in these two locations, it’s entirely possible to spend an entire day in St Mark’s Square!

The Doge’s Palace is one of the most important buildings in Venice; for centuries, it was the seat of the Doge — the most senior elected official in charge of Venice and you’ll hear many intriguing stories about the palace’s history on our Doge’s Palace tour. The palace is also staggeringly beautiful, both in terms of architecture and the artwork it contains. While our Doge’s Palace tour lasts an hour, we highly recommend you take some time afterwards to explore the palace at your own pace.

Saint Mark’s Basilica (or Basilica di San Marco to the locals) is perhaps the biggest highlight of most visitors’ trip. Saint Mark’s is the city’s most famous church and it’s perhaps the best surviving example of Italo-Byzantine architecture. The basilica’s construction began in 1063, but there had been a previous church in its place, built in 828. You can take our Golden Basilica tour of St Mark’s if you’d like to learn more, but you might also like to take our exclusive St Mark’s Basilica After Hours tour for a chance to explore the cathedral at night time, avoiding the crowds and enjoying a more intimate, peaceful exploration of this incredible building.

You Have to Take a Grand Canal Boat Tour

Venice’s canals and waterways are perhaps the biggest attraction for visitors. Its intricate network of canals makes Venice one of the most unique cities in the World and many people would feel unsatisfied with their visit if they didn’t spend a good portion of their time on the water. We think the best way to explore Venice by water is on our Grand Canal Boat tour. On this tour, you’ll sit in comfort as your guide points out all of the most beautiful palaces and buildings along Venice’s decadent Grand Canal. Your view of the city changes when you’re on the water and you’ll see and learn things you’d never find while exploring by foot. This tour takes you down the Grand Canal, but it also takes you through some of Venice’s more secluded waterways, giving you the quintessential ‘Venice experience’.

You’ll Probably Want to take a Gondola Ride

When you ask people what the first thing that comes to mind when they think of Venice, chances are they’ll say ‘gondolas’. There’s something idyllic and iconic about Venice’s gondolas, and they seem to have captured the hearts and the imaginations of tourists all around the globe. If this is your first visit to Venice — or even your third — taking a leisurely gondola ride is probably a top priority. Our Classic Gondola ride is perhaps the simplest and most affordable option, but you can also opt for a Romantic Couple’s Gondola ride if it’s the city’s romance that attracts you most of all.

Venice Sights and Attractions to See on Day Two

If you decide to take our Venice-in-a-day tour mentioned above, or you’ve managed to fit the Doge’s Palace and St Mark’s Basilica tours into your first day, your second day can be filled with whatever activities you like. You may like to visit one (or several) of the following amazing locations in day two:

  • The beautiful islands of Murano, Burano, and Torcello on the Venetian Lagoon. A round trip of all of these islands takes around 4 hours and each island has its own character and aesthetic.
  • Some of Venice’s famous bridges, such as Rialto Bridge and The Bridge of Sighs.
  • The stunning Santa Maria della Salute (picture above). This beautiful white church has a striking octagonal design and houses 12 artworks by Titian. There are countless other beautiful churches too, including the Church of San Giorgio Maggiore and the churches on each of Venice’s islands.
  • The Gallerie dell'Accademia, which holds paintings by Titian, Canaletto, and many other legendary Italian artists.
  • Museo Correr is an extremely decadent museum with invaluable Venetian artworks dating back to the 1400s.

Even with this list, we’ve only really scratched the surface of what Venice has to offer its visitors. If you see some of the bigger attractions on your first day, you can enjoy exploring the city and finding a few of these other spots on your second day.

Venice isn’t a huge city and its beautiful buildings and waterways make it a pleasure to navigate, so we hope you’ll enjoy exploring when you come visit us next! If you have any questions about Venice or about any of our tours, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. Plan your next adventure with Venice Events!