How to create your wedding gift list

How to create your wedding gift list

At Venice Events, we organize weddings across Italy for couples from all over the world, as well as those from Italy itself.

Having been at the helm of hundreds of weddings, we are experts in all aspects – including the wedding gift list. Here’s our advice on how to create your wedding gift list and how to make sure it is easy to use:

Get advice from an expert or someone who has already organized a wedding gift list.

Before you start organizing your wedding gift list, make sure you get advice from an expert, or from someone who has already organized a wedding gift list – be that someone who has used one, or by reading a blog from an expert – in fact one just like this! We’ve organized many weddings at Venice Events, and we’re familiar with all the main aspects of a good wedding gift list – and it’s that experience we are using in this guide.

Decide on the type of list you would like.

As you might imagine when it comes to the wedding industry, there’s a lot of choice – and this also applies to wedding gift lists. So, make sure you research your choice fully to make sure it’s right for you.

One of the more traditional choices is going with a department store type of service in your home country. They will give you a variety of brands to choose from, as well as a cross section of gift types – from kitchen gifts, glassware to decorative items.

There are also online options that cover literally hundreds of brands. Amazon even does wedding gift lists now. Or there are companies that specialize in bespoke and more personal or hand made gifts.

At Venice Events, many of our couples travel to Italy for their nuptials, so it makes sense to have a gift list.

Make it accessible for everyone.

A good wedding list will be easy to find and use. Also, not everyone wants to buy items online, particularly grandparents and the older generations, so make sure you think about making the process as easy as possible for them. Begin organizing your list at least six months out from your wedding. Give yourself plenty of time to organize your gift list. Ensure that your choices aren’t rushed. Also, it’s something to be enjoyed, so savor the process.

Many couples hand over the monitoring of their gift lists to a family member so that they still have the surprise of opening gifts without knowing you has gifted what item.

Make sure there are enough options in each budget range.

Try to have items suitable for a variety of budgets to ensure that everyone is comfortable. Don’t forget – make sure you include plenty of options of gifts in the most popular budget ranges. This ensures a guest isn’t compelled to purchase something more or less expensive than they expected. When you organize your wedding list, you don’t necessarily organize it on the basis that everything will be bought, which is sometimes the reason why some couples avoid adding in more options than the number of guests.

Organize thank you stationery.

Remember your manners. When you are organizing your wedding gift list, make sure you organize your thank you stationery at the same time. The gift list should provide you with a list of who has gifted what item, so ensure you send them a personal thank you after the wedding. This is a must!

Sending a thank you note makes the whole occasion even more memorable for the guests. They will welcome the reassurance that the gift reached you, and you are acknowledging it with warmth.

Choose presents that will last.

Choose your presents wisely. Don’t necessarily be swayed by trends and fashions – think about choosing things that will last the test of time and not become unfashionable. When you are still using or displaying a wedding gift in ten or twenty years time, it’s nice to look back and remember where it came from.

Before you add something to your list, go and see it.

In the age of Internet shopping, it’s easy to get used to the idea of not seeing an item before buying it. It doesn’t seem like a big deal because we can always return it. A wedding gift list is different, someone will go to the trouble of choosing an item off the list for you, so make sure it is something you like. To do this – try to go to see the item and make sure it’s something you would wish for.

It’s not always about the essentials.

It depends on your situation, but you may have essentials on your list. However, you can also think about more bespoke items. There are a number of online retailers that offer bespoke, handmade items made by gifted artists and artisans. These are often personalized. So, you can think about adding these types of commissioned gifts to a good wedding list, too.

There are alternatives to gift lists.

Finally, it doesn’t have to be about gift lists full of items for your home. You can think of other options. I have heard of couples choosing to have their guests contribute a piece of fabric to a quilt that is then made in time for the wedding – an item that everyone is part of. There are also options to have a bespoke piece of artwork made, lists solely focused on the garden or a shared experience for the happy couple, or options to donate to a charity on your behalf.

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