Weddings in Italy Vol 2: Hints and Tips for the Perfect Italian Wedding

Weddings in Italy Vol 2: Hints and Tips for the Perfect Italian Wedding

Getting married in Italy isn’t as challenging as you may think, but it’s helpful to know what to expect if this is a real possibility for you.

Chances are you’ve landed on this hints and tips blog after reading Volume 1 of our two-part feature: “Weddings in Italy: Locations and Services by Venice Events”. If not, then you’ve missed out on ideas for some of the most stunningly picturesque wedding destinations in the entire country, along with services and packages designed to ensure everything goes to plan - we’re confident you’ll be inspired, so read Volume 1 then join us back here for some handy advice on your perfect Italian wedding.

Tips for getting married in Italy

Getting married in Italy isn’t as challenging as you may think, but it’s helpful to know what to expect if this is a real possibility for you. We’re more than happy to share our tips for marrying in Italy, like setting a budget, giving yourself plenty of time - it’s usually best to start booking your requirements 12-14 months in advance - or saving yourself a lot of time, stress and hassle by hiring a wedding planner. They will help you organise your perfect day and also help you navigate the challenges - like the legal aspects - that come with getting married in another country.

Choose an Italian wedding venue that’ll blow you away

Before you move on to planning some of the finer details, choosing your Italian wedding venue is surely one of the most important decisions to make - you can’t have a wedding without a venue! We have a wide range of venues available, from the unique wonder and romance of Venice, to the rolling hills and charming hilltop towns of Tuscany - not forgetting the stunning coastlines of Ravello and the Amalfi Coast - you’re certainly spoilt for choice. As we mentioned in our previous blog, Italy is a popular wedding destination for the rich and famous, so wherever you choose, you’re guaranteed to be in good company.

Creating your wedding gift list

Venice Events have helped to plan hundreds of weddings over the years. We are experts in all aspects – including helping to put together your wedding gift list. As we mentioned above, hiring an experienced wedding planner can make these finer details a lot easier to iron out. You will need to decide what type of list you want (Amazon, for example, offer wedding gift lists now!) or how to make the list easy to find and accessible to everyone.

Being sensitive to budgets is another very important point to consider, as you don’t want any guests to feel as though they have to purchase something more (or less) expensive than they had anticipated. A lot of couples also avoid having more items on their wedding gift list than there are guests. You may even want to consider an alternative to the traditional wedding gift list, we’ve heard of couples choosing to have their guests contribute a piece of fabric to be made into a quilt in time for the wedding – an item that everyone is part of.

Crucial areas you may have overlooked

Our extensive experience means we can give you hints and tips that are ‘out-of-the-box’, alternative or often overlooked. Say for example, you’re getting married in Venice, have you thought about the best locations in Venice or your wedding photography? Or if you’re travelling for a destination in Italy, you’ll probably benefit from some tips on how to travel with a wedding dress, something you’ve likely spent a lot of time (and money!) choosing.

Here at Venice Events, we’re your Italian wedding experts and whether you need help deciding on the perfect location, or organising the finer details once the decision has been made, we’re here to take care of anything you need us to. We offer an extensive range of professional Italian wedding packages and services, and our experience means you’ll be rest assured everything will be taken care of to ensure your day is one you’ll remember for a lifetime.

We take pride in making your day incredibly special, and have glowing reviews from past couples who married here in Italy with us:

“Lindsey Coleman from Venice Events planned our wedding for us on May 11th 2018 and oh my goodness what a wedding it was. We want to Thank you so much for giving us the most unforgettable wedding. It literally was planned to perfection.”

Carolyn & Chris Johnson.