Carnivals and festivals in Venice during 2017

Carnivals and festivals in Venice during 2017

Visiting Venice at any time of year is a trip full of opportunity – as there’s so much to see.

If you time your trip to Venice to coincide with one of the city’s annual events, you’re sure to have an unforgettable time. Here’s our take on the upcoming carnivals and festivals in Venice during 2017.

Venice Art Biennale – 13 May 2017 – 26 November 2017

Founded in 1895, this is an artistic institution. Artists from across the world come to show their work across Venice. You’ll always find something interesting to view throughout this time.

Festa della Sensa – 28 May, 2017.

This festival celebrates the relationship between Venice and the sea. There’s usually a fabulous procession of boats, which follow the Serenissima - a boat carrying Venice’s patriarch. During the festival, he throws a ring into the sea, to symbolise the union of the sea and the floating city of Venice.

Boat race and parade in Venice. Visit Venice during #FestaDellaSensa and help the city celebrate its relationship with the sea.

Festa del Redentore – 15 and 16 July 2017.

This is a traditional festival that dates back to 1577 and celebrates Venice surviving an outbreak of plague. The city’s Church of the most holy Redeemer / Il Redentore was built to celebrate this outcome. The annual festival is celebrated with Mass, a boat parade and a wonderful fireworks display that attracts thousands of visitors.

Breath-taking #fireworks show for Festa del Redentore in Saint Mark’s basin. #VisitVenice #VeniceEvents #FestaDelRedentore

Venice Film Festival, 30 August – 9 September 2017.

The Venice Film Festival is internationally renowned and is the oldest film festival in the world. A-list stars will be gracing Venice’s gondolas as well as the city’s red carpets. A super time to be in Venice if you are a film fan, or a fan of people watching!

Regata Storica, 3 September 2017.

A procession of ornate boats, manned by locals dressed in 16th century style costumes, will grace the Grand Canal of Venice. After this procession, the serious business of boat racing begins. It is a popular event amongst locals and visitors alike.

Historical ships on Grand Canal taking park in Regata Storica. #VisitVenice #VeniceEvents #RegataStorica

Sagra del Pesce, Burano, third Sunday in September.

Burano is an island in the northern Venetian lagoon. It is most famous for its colourful houses, the production of lace and colourful glass works. And on the third Sunday in September, the Sagra del Pesce feast takes place. This ‘fish festival’ is the final regatta of the season – and everyone on the island will feast on fried fish and white wine – one of the tastiest events in Venice!

The Island of Burano – home to Sagra del Pesce – the Fish festival. #VeniceEvents #VisitVenice #Burano

Festa del Mosto – usually the first weekend in October.

The Island of Sant’Erasmo is the largest island in the Venetian lagoon. It’s considered Venice’s countryside and provides much of the produce for the city. Venetians and visitors head to the island for the first pressing of wine. There’s plenty food and entertainment on hand too. A great opportunity to see how the locals eat, drink and celebrate.

Festa di San Martino. 11 November.

This event in Venice is reminiscent of trick or treating or Hallowe’en. Venice’s children use pots, pans and spoons to make as much noise as possible, demanding treats before they move on! Bakeries and cake shops in the city will sell cakes dedicated to the saint during this festival.

Festa della Madonna della Salute. 21 November.

This is another celebration for the city’s release from the plague. Every year on 21 November, a procession takes place across a temporary bridge to Santa Maria della Salute – a church that was commissioned as a mark of thanks to Madonna’s intervention in ending the outbreak. Stalls selling cakes and sweet treats will line the route of the procession. Candles are lit in the church to say thanks and prayers are said asking for good health.

#VeniceEvents #VisitVenice #SantaMariaDellaSalute

Interested? Here’s how you can take part.

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