Best Places to Stay in Venice

Best Places to Stay in Venice

Venice isn’t a huge city, but it’s not tiny either. And it manages to pack a lot into its streets and canals. Here we'll tell you the best places to stay in Venice!

Venice isn’t a huge city, but it’s not tiny either. And it manages to pack a lot into its streets and canals. This can sometimes make holiday planning a little tricky, as it is hard to work out which sights and attractions to visit and where you should stay. This blog post looks at a few of the best places to stay in Venice and why, looking at three of Venice’s main districts: Castello, San Marco, and Cannaregio. There are several other districts, but we wanted to focus on these three! This blog post is just a small introduction to Venice’s districts, and it is nowhere near an exhaustive list of the attractions and hotels the city has to offer, so we encourage you to do a little more research before making any big decisions!

The canals and waterways of Venice are stunning


This large, vibrant area of Venice boarders the famous St. Mark’s Square on its west side and it is known for its bars, restaurants, and its wide array of stunning churches. Castello is also known for its luxury hotels, so if you have a reasonably high budget, this may be the right district for you. Hotel Metropole is one of Castello’s most famous 5-star hotels. Its décor blends Chinese and Venetian styles seamlessly. And if you’re looking for that one special meal, the hotel’s MET restaurant has a Michelin star and is widely regarded as one of the top restaurants in Venice. And if food is very important to you, you may like to go on one of our food and wine tours.

Our walking tour of Venice spends a lot of time taking you through Castello’s beautiful streets, telling you all about the district’s history and architecture.There is so much to see and walking slowly through the streets is perhaps the best way to explore this district.

San Marco

San Marco is one of the smaller districts of Venice, but its central location, historical significance, and numerous famous sights, have made San Marco the most popular location for visitors. It’s in San Marco that you’ll find the world-famous St. Mark’s Square, Saint Mark’s Basilica, the Doge’s Palace, San Moisè, and numerous other beautiful churches. As San Marco holds so many of Venice’s most popular attractions, it is a hub for tourists, so expect bustling streets, lots of hotels, and lots of luxury shops.

The Gritti Palace in San Marco

The Gritti Palace is perhaps San Marco’s most famous hotel. It is perfectly located as it sits on the Grand Canal, allowing guests to look out to the Salute church. This hotel is a luxurious as they come and is only five minutes away from St. Mark’s Square. Our Venice walking tour and gondola ride guides you through many of San Marco’s iconic buildings and attractions, giving you enough time to take a few photos and appreciate the sights.


Cannaregio has the largest population of any district in Venice and it is located on the north of the city. Cannaregio’s streets and canals may seem a little calmer than parts of San Marco, but they transform at night, with trendy bars and a thriving nightlife. There are also countless restaurants, many of which cater to the locals, so the food and service tends to be better than some of the more touristy restaurants in San Marco and Castello.

The Al Ponte Antico hotel is the perfect location for tourists as it sits on the Grand Canal, making it easy to get to and from the city’s many sights and attractions. As an added bonus, the hotel is very close to the famous Rialto Bridge and you may even be able to see it from your room. If you choose to stay in Cannaregio, keep an eye out for Santa Maria di Nazareth, which is also known as Chiesa degli Scalzi. This stunning church is a must-see and it has a fascinating past as it was the seat of a religious order called Discalced Carmelites. Many of our Venice combination tours will take you into parts of Cannaregio, showing you the sights and secrets of this sometimes-overlooked district.

Santa Maria de Nazareth

We hope this blog post has helped a few readers figure out the best place to stay in Venice for them. The city has so much to offer visitors; you just need to work out which area suits your needs and budget. Please get in touch if you have any questions about Venice or our various tours and activities.