The best locations in Venice for your wedding photography

The best locations in Venice for your wedding photography

If you are planning to get married in Italy then you will know that it is a very special and romantic location for a wedding.

When it comes to choosing the backdrop for your wedding photography, you’ll be spoiled for choice. To help you narrow it down, here’s our thoughts on some of the best locations in Venice for your wedding photographs.

1. An intimate shot on a gondola.

Don’t dismiss getting some shots taken on a gondola. It is romantic and it is unique. So, if you are traveling to your wedding venue, think about going by gondola and get your photographer to capture the moment.

What better way to travel to and from your wedding than by #Gondola?

2. En route to the reception with famous landmarks as a backdrop.

Alternatively, you could get some shots of your first journey as a married couple as you travel to your reception – framed with some of Venice’s most famous buildings in the background. This could be aboard a gondola or a private taxi. Hire a water taxi for an hour, to get plenty of photographs while we take care of your guests and accompany them to your venue.

The banks of the Grand Canal are lined with stunning buildings – making the pictures of your journey on the water extra special.

3. At the ceremony

Whether you get married in a church, palace or hotel – we are confident the backdrop will be beautiful. Your photographer will maximise this time to capture these very special moments in your chosen surroundings.

Just one of the #Palaces in #Venice #VeniceEvents use to host weddings.

4. On the banks of one of the quieter canals.

To find some calm and solitude, your photographer could take some shots on the banks of one of the less busy canals. The other waterways and alleys in and around Venice are very atmospheric and still say: ‘Venice’, but they are a little more intimate.

Even the smaller canals are stunning here in #Venice. Picture yourself here with your other half on your #WeddingDay in #Venice.

5. On top of one of the many bridges, away from the crowds.

Head to one of these canals, and you’ll probably find one of the city’s 400 bridges. Again, for a quieter moment, you can capture a beautiful, typically Venetian shot here.

Venice’s unique mix of light and water will make your wedding photography shine.

6. Piazza San Marco

Piazza San Marco is the stunning main square in the centre of Venice. It is lined with some of the city’s most important buildings – including the Basilica San Marco. Day or Night, it is an atmospheric place. Discuss getting a shot of both of you walking across the square, perhaps. Yes, it is busy, but a talented photographer will be able to work with that and it is possible to find the space. In fact, you will find people will give you space when they see you are part of a wedding party. Another option is to visit towards the end of the day, as the crowds subside, but before the light does.

Napoleon once called this the Drawing Room of Europe and we can see why.

7. The walkway around the Doges Palace

The Doges Palace sits to the side of the Piazza San Marco. It is built in the Venetian Gothic style. You could use the pillars and archways around its ground floor as a background for your shots. Beautiful.

The #DogesPalace is a wonderful backdrop for timeless wedding photography.

8. Il Redentore

This 16th Century Roman Catholic Church is located on the Giudecca Island. Palladio designed it and the exterior is beautifully grand. We have seen some beautiful shots of newly married couples taken on the sweeping steps that lead to the building.

Il Redentore is just one example of the world-class architecture that could grace your wedding album.

9. San Giorgio Maggiore island

For a shot that truly shows the best of Venice, think about taking a ride to San Giorgio Maggiore Island. From here you can get a wonderful shot of Piazza San Marco in the distance. You’ll also miss most of the crowds too, as the island is much quieter than the centre. Turn around, and you can also use the San Giorgio Maggiore church as a backdrop too.

San Giorgio Maggiore Island offers a stunning panoramic of Piazza San Marco and the Campanile.

10. Riva degli Schiavone at sunset

Ask your photographer about finding a spot further along the Riva degli Schiavone. It’s a promenade along the waterfront so has some beautiful views of the basin. However, during the day it is a busy place, so it’s best to build this in later in the day.

#Venice will bless you with a beautiful wedding.

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