Introducing Venice Events’ MICE Service — Our corporate event service in Italy

Introducing Venice Events’ MICE Service — Our corporate event service in Italy

Venice Events offers Italy’s premiere MICE service - A professional Italian events service with a personal touch

Venice Events offers Italy’s premiere MICE service. MICE stands for Meetings Incentives Conventions Exhibitions, and the service utilises our considerable resources to create the best possible business meeting and events service in Italy – both for local Italian companies and for international businesses visiting Italy.

There is so much more to our MICE service than just meetings and events. With this blog, we hope to introduce you to many of the features and functions on offer. Italy is an incredible destination for business and for pleasure; we don’t see any reason why a business shouldn’t be pleasurable!

What Makes us Better than the Competition?

There’s a lot of information we want to get across about our MICE service in a very short period of time in order to make this page useful for anyone planning an event in Italy. So, it’s important, first of all, that we get across what makes us different from everyone else:

  • The Personal Experience’ — we endeavour to always offer clients a personal service. This isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach; it is a nuanced, bespoke service where we learn about you, your organisation, and what you need from your Italian event.
  • Venice Events is a true destination expert, with contacts and knowledge across all of Italy — not just Venice!
  • Our highly skilled team has expansive technical knowledge, and we are always upskilling, which allows us to continually add value to our service.

Business Meetings in Italy

Whether you’re an Italian company looking for impressive venues to hold important business meetings or you’re a from somewhere further afield and you’re conducting business in Italy, our service can be tailored to your needs (the personal touch we described earlier). Venice Events’ considerable connections have allowed us to accumulate a huge range of high-end venues located around Italy. We take care of all your business’s specific needs and we invite our clients to tell us if they need additional services or features.

Do you need specific food at the meeting? Are you looking for a meeting room with a particular aesthetic? Talk to us and we will do everything we can to ensure your business meetings in Italy are a huge success.

Business Conventions and Exhibitions in Italy

Contemporary Venice Opening Art Exhibition

If you are organising corporate conventions or exhibitions in Italy, then Venice Events have you covered. Our professional event planning services make use of our extensive experience to provide businesses with dozens of beautiful and practical convention or exhibition spaces in Rome, Venice, Milan, and in many other locations throughout Italy.

Our business convention and exhibition services include the following features:

  • Organising accommodation in hotels, private palaces and private islands
  • Airport transfers and transport by water taxi, limousine, bus
  • Expert tour guides and local experiences
  • Catering services
  • Event set-up, including technical services (speakers, microphones, etc)
  • Team-building exercises and events
  • And so much more.

If you don’t live and work in Italy, it can be stressful to try to organise an important corporate event. Here at Venice Events, we’ve put a lot of care and work into creating a bespoke service where we take all of the stress out of organising an event. Talk to our event organisers, tell them the destination you’re interested in, what kind of space you need, and any other features your event requires.

Need something special for your next event? Why not book one of our Venetian Palaces? Italy has some of the most beautiful architecture and natural landscapes in the world; take advantage of this and organise your next big convention or exhibition here!

Valentine's Ball at Flangini Palace, Venice

Business Incentives in Italy

Another aspect of our fully realised MICE service is business incentives. This is the practice of offering travel as an incentive for employees to perform better at their jobs. It is like a bonus, but instead of receiving a little more money, you receive an all-expenses-paid trip to Venice, Rome, Milan, etc. As we have developed a comprehensive MICE service here at Venice Events, we have created several different business incentive offerings that might be of great interest to your employees or colleagues.

In a sense, Italy is the commodity we are selling here — its rich history, stunning landscapes, vast artwork, and impressive architecture. If you are looking for a more interesting and creative way to offer incentives in your business, then offering curated trips in Italy to your staff could help your teams meet important targets. Business incentives also serve as the best form of team building, as co-workers work together to achieve their shared targets — and shared rewards. A well-integrated, high-quality business incentive policy can help colleagues bond, becoming a much more effective team.

Group of work colleagues in a team-building trip in Tuscany

This service makes good use of our expertise and experience in the tourism industry as we offer a huge range of tours and experiences through Italy. If your sales team more than meets its annual targets, why not send them to Rome, Milan, or Tuscany, including tours, activities, wine tastings, etc? We can create tailor-made experiences for you to offer as business incentives, ensuring that you are giving your employees something they can’t find themselves, either online or at a travel agent.

There is, quite simply, too much to cover about our MICE service in just one blog, but we hope we’ve encouraged a few readers to consider the multi-layered corporate meetings, incentives, and convention services we offer. Most of all, we hope we’re got across that there is so much more to our service than you might expect; we look after our clients and ensure that their plans and events are as successful as possible. Their peace of mind is our priority. If you’re interested in working with us and making use of our considerable resources and expertise, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.