5 Reasons to Visit the Famous Cafes of Piazza Navona

5 Reasons to Visit the Famous Cafes of Piazza Navona

Located in Rome, the Piazza Navona is full of ornate fountains, mansions, street artists, cafes, and restaurants. Here is Venice Events's top 5 reasons to visit the famous cafes of Piazza Navona.

Located in Rome, the Piazza Navona is full of ornate fountains, mansions, street artists, cafes, and restaurants. It’s a bustling area in the centre of the Italian capital, and for the last 300 years it has hosted Rome’s main market. It’s a wonderful place to visit on your Italian vacation.

Right in the centre of the piazza sits a large fountain, Bernini’s Fontana dei Quattro Fiumi, depicting personifications of the rivers Nile, Ganges, Danube, and Plate. Just like the fountain, the Piazza Navona is an excellent meeting place and people from all over the world congregate there. Here are Venice Events's five reasons to explore Rome’s most historic square on your next vacation in Italy…

1. The Coffee

Italy is famous the world over for its coffee. What better way to sample it than in a coffee shop in the Piazza Navona? All around the square are small Italian coffee shops hawking authentic coffee. Italians love to gulp down an espresso and many drink several cups of coffee a day. So, this square in the heart of Rome is a perfect location to jump from coffee shop to coffee shop and drink coffee like the Italians do.

2. The Sights

There’s not anything specific to see in the Piazza Navona, although, of course there are plenty of wonderful buildings and fountains to look at. The real joy of this quintessential Italian square is the square itself. It’s a place where people come to eat good food, hang out with friends, and people watch. There isn’t a better place in Rome to spend a long lazy afternoon than at the Piazza Navona.

The Fontana del Moro

3. The Street Artists and Portrait Painters

There are portrait painters and street artists hawking their wares in the Piazza Navona. While away some time sitting outside an Italian coffee shop or bar, and watch these wonderful artists and performers at work. Enjoy a drink or some authentic Italian ice cream and head out in search of the very best portrait painter to capture your likeness!

Street artists, painters and vendors are prominent on the Piazza Navona

4. The Local Food

If you find yourself getting hungry, then there are plenty of local delis tucked away in cobbled streets just off the square. Pastas, croissants, and cakes are just some of the delicious Italian food that’s on offer. The coffee shops and cafes of Piazza Navona ensure that you’re well fed and watered during your trip to this most historic of Italian squares.

5. The Piazza Itself

Rome seems to orbit around this piazza. Plenty of world famous tourist sites are within 15 minutes of the square. The piazza is a big open space in the middle of bustling city, and there’s a beauty to it that encourages you to stop and experience the way that sound echoes and bounces off the old buildings. From vintage stores, to artisan workshops, there’s plenty to explore in this wonderful storied part of Rome.

The Piazza is truly stunning

Coffee shops and café life are in many ways defined by Italians. On your next Italy trip, visit Rome, head to Piazza Navona and experience a slice of quintessential Italian life. Why not let Venice Events show you around with one our Discovering Rome Elite Tour, which will include the Piazza Navona! There’s much to do, and for people watchers and those who want to see the real Italy, this teeming square is full of Italian experiences.