Venice Palace 6

The Palace , formerly also Dogale Palace as the seat of the Doge , a symbol of the city of Venice and Venetian Gothic masterpiece

Discussing the Palace, we are talking about four distinct buildings. The oldest one, Palazzo Mocenigo Casa Vecchia, is the rightmost and based on a gothic construction, which was remodeled in the early 17th century by the architect Francesco Contin. Regarding the floor plan, the portego walls meet the fa├žade in an angle of about 60 degrees, but despite of the form of the building area.

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Old-fashioned grandeur at its best, and the approach down the narrow alley gives nothing away
A magnificent palace overlooking the Grand Canal, recently restored to its ancient splendour
There are many hidden away palaces in Venice, not just those on the Grand Canal. Many of these palaces were owned by illustrious families