Our Team

Venice Events is a premier British Italian destination management company specialising in incoming services, offering a select tours programme, planning and organising beautiful events and weddings in Italy. Operating since 1995, the company has built up a portfolio of beautiful events, extensive knowledge of Italy and in particular some of the most beautiful venues and locations. Venice Events is one of the top agencies selling tickets to some of the best Grand Balls and events during the annual famous Venice Carnival.


Venice Events prides itself in organising unique events, be it small intimate tours throughout Italy, large full-scale events or specialty tours with a close attention to detail. We offer big business efficiency with small business charm, reliability and customisation. Our commitment is to follow the desires of our clientele so that each event is planned to perfection and is a special and unforgettable experience.


Lindsey Coleman

Founder Co Owner - Events Director


Renzo Fornasier

Co Owner - Financial Director


Silvia Cosma

Incoming Office Support


Maria Rosa Marangelo

Incoming Services



Head of Security & Office Mascot